Now the Master is Giving His Orders

We are now the children of the Master; we follow the dictates of the Satguru. Without the Master everything was wandering. Now we have knowledge- light. The intellect now belongs to the Master. We now know whom to remember and should now keep the intellect turned toward the Master, and follow His orders.

It is said that even a leaf moves according to His order, but does God give orders to a leaf? Air moves a leaf. It is we children who follow His orders now. Is it the job of God to say, Hey leaf, come on, move? Then He might as well tell a robber to rob! These are not His orders. His orders are for us children, now. This is the time we get His Shrimat – remember Me, keep yourself pure, and make your deeds elevated. This is His order. Also clear from your path, through knowledge and yoga, the obstacles caused due to past karmic accounts, and move forward.

The Father says: ‘In case you get confused, I’m here. I’m now present here. You can seek advice from Me. I’m not present here always but only in the confluence age, now, so that you can take help from Me.

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