Signs of Clever Students

Baba has given us an intellect, and knowledge, such that we can understand what to do in particular, typical situations.

Never be careless, thinking that ups and downs are OK, and so you can let them happen.

Those who are good, study; they never miss Murli. Although it seems that similar points come up every day, the murli has many new ways of moving forward in it. If you dont listen attentively, it seems monotonous. Points of knowledge will sit in the intellect only when you listen to the murli every day. You might have heard the murli many times before but the day will come when some points stay in the intellect so very well sometimes, continuing to attract and pull the heart as is that particular point was just for me.

To the extent that we follow the knowledge, we can explain to others very well. Our task is to benefit others and so try as much as possible to explain knowledge to them. We try through our body, mind and wealth, and in every circumstance, to serve. Its our duty to try. As per their fortune, each one will create it to that extent.

We should not think ‘We have to sit in Baba’s remembrance and make our life pure. Why should we break our heads with people?’. No! this is our duty and responsibility. When we have received happiness and peace through this knowledge, we should also give it to others, shouldn’t we? We should have the concern to donate.

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