Bestower of Liberation and Salvation

Deities are in salvation; they are not the Ones who grant it. They are in liberation in life. It is the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, who is beyond degradation and salvation, who grants it. If deities cannot grant salvation, how can human beings grant it? The golden age, when the deities exist, is not the time for granting salvation because there is no degradation when deities exist.

The knowledge of the beginning, middle and end is essential for salvation, isn’t it? Only we Brahmins can grant salvation, which means show the path for salvation, because we have become Brahmins from the Father’s knowledge.

Keep the concern for both efforts and fortune in the intellect. ‘Tadveeer and Takdeer’ – ‘efforts and fortune’. We have received the clear aim and so its our task to make efforts. It isnt that He does our task and our fortune is created. We have to make the effort for our fortune. Each one of us has to do it. 

Some people think God is very big and that if He comes to this world, there will be lightning and all will gather together. The Father says: ‘Not everyone will gather here, not the whole world, because all those people would have to be taken to Heaven! Not everyone in the world will be there in Heaven, the population will be less there.’

‘ I will give benefit to everyone, because all are My children. However, those who take knowledge will get more benefit. The benefit for those who take knowledge is different from that received by those that don’t. For those that don’t take knowledge, I liberate them from the bondage of Maya through punishment, and make them sit in the Land of Peace -Shantidham. They also like to sit there. They don’t want to come here. Fine, I make them sit there. I give liberation to some and both liberation and salvation to others. I liberate everyone. I give indirectly to those who don’t know Me, and I will give direct benefit to those that know Me, have a direct relationship with Me, make efforts and become pure. One is direct and the other is indirect but I give to all. This is why I am called God, the Father. ‘My task is such that nobody knows about it. It is very incognito. It looks very ordinary becasue I do it like a human being, don’t I! I come and fulfill everyone’s heart’s desires. I give happiness to all, for ever.’

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