Act in the Stage of the Original Form

Consider yourself to be as when the soul is in its original form. When you act the whole day remaining in this stage, your behavior becomes pure, and within that your actions continue to become elevated. You will have the Father’s remembrance and you will have soul consciousness, and also the God-consciousness that I am the child of God. With this, there aren’t any wrong actions and so there is safety, isn’t there!

Constantly behave considering yourself as a soul- in a stage of purity. The soul was pure before. Now it is impure. We have to hold on to that first stage. We pure souls are the children of God who is ever-pure. When we have all these things in the intellect, our actions will be alright. There won’t be any wrong actions from us. Our actions and behavior will be royal and pure. Purity is royalty, isn’t it!

Each one has to practice that ‘I am a soul, performing actions through these sense organs.’  When our actions are right, strength will continue to build in us. Only when we get strength will the disease of the vices be eradicated. We have to take this knowledge, because it will work as a medicine; and we have to imbibe all the inculcation, because that works as a diet. Only then will the disease in us be eradicated.

What will happen just by listening? Nothing! Don’t just listen, listen and change your actions.

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