True Love – Revealing the Beloved

सब राज़ी खुशी हैं? (“Is everyone happy?”) यह भी कोई पूछने की बात है? (“Is this even something to ask?”) Accha!

बाबा याद हैं? If you remember Baba, you automatically remember the inheritance. Some of us like to say that we don’t really care about being the rulers of heaven. We’d rather be in the soul world with Baba- that’s a very touching sentiment but it is also a tad selfish!

The reason we want to stay with Baba is because we love Him so much that we can’t bear the thought of leaving Him again. Well the problem is whether we like it or not, the drama is as unchanging as Him and so we will leave when the time comes. But thinking in this way makes us slack in our efforts because we don’t work hard toward something that is no longer a goal for us. Baba has come here to remind us of who we are, teach us the knowledge so we can reclaim the kingdom that we handed to Raavan about a half cycle ago. Until each one of us attains perfection, His task is not complete, His kingdom is not established and Raavan continues to rule. So to become slack in our efforts by saying that all we want is Baba is self-contradictory!

If one loves someone, they do everything in their power to support each other! It is my duty to step up, shake myself out and reclaim my kingdom from the bad guy. That is Love! If you really think about it, what do I or Baba gain through the alternative of my living in Paramdham with Him? It’s not like I can experience His Company there! In fact, if you want to never be separated from Him, then you are better off coming back into the cycle.

If I really love someone, I need to become equal, someone who He can be proud of having by His side; someone that is capable of supporting Him. Of course, He tells me that He is proud of me but clearly, there is a gap between who I am now and who He is – else I wouldn’t be in this body! To experience someone as pure and elevated as God, I need to become like Him. Else, while He continues to love me, I am not able to experience its full intensity because of all the crud in between in the form of body consciousness. The crud also proves an obstacle in my loving Him or supporting Him because it makes me weak, afraid to step up to any task, easily confused and entangled in my own self-created web of unproductive thoughts.

So if I really love Him, let me do all I can to help in His task. To work on a cause that’s infinitely more important than me is a good start to becoming like Him. Whatever He does, He does it for me and now I do for Him and for my brothers and sisters that are suffering atrocities, disasters and other brutality around the world. He has equipped me with the tools to bring destruction of this old world closer and thereby rescue souls from the clutches of Raavan. Clearly, that’s more important than me! Besides, helping each other and sharing is what brings two souls closer more so than dreaming about each other!

The two things I need to do therefore are perfect myself and bring others in connection with God. He has informed us that there is no more time left to do these sequentially; they need to happen in parallel. But when you think about it, accomplishing one helps the other immensely. How so? We find out as we explore the journey to perfection.

In this journey, I am my best friend or my worst enemy. The way I feel at any given time depends on my state of mind – I could say it depends on whom I met, on my work or any number of things but in reality, it is how I allow myself to feel about these things that dictates how my day goes by. So what can I do to be my best friend? Baba recommends creating a timetable for the entire day so as to never leave the mind idle because as we all know an idle mind is a devil’s workshop! This timetable should consist of:

– Reading the daily Murli at least one time after listening to it in the morning

– Churning the knowledge throughout the day

– Engaging in Godly service

The Murli is my direct access to Him, His mind and intellect. And so working with the Murli ensures that my mind is filled with enough raw material to generate elevated thoughts off of rather than having to dig into the dark recesses of the past to generate thoughts that are negative, ordinary or worse impure. Each thought we generate is also karma and dictates what I feel, say and do. So it is utmost importance that I control the quality of the seed I plant. A high quality seed yields a lush tree which can only give shelter to weary travellers (others searching for truth) and fruit which reveals the seed. So in other words, I serve through my own powerful stage –serve through my mind with the vibrations created through powerful, elevated thoughts; my every word is an elevated version that provides His introduction; my every action is one that donates virtues. At this point, my stage is one that is closer to His. I reveal Him through my face, words and actions. And when I reveal God, those who come in contact with me automatically connect with God.

Is there a more elevated form of love than being able to reveal the beloved?

Love came and emptied me of self,
every vein and every pore,
made into a container to be filled by the Beloved.
Of me, only a name is left,
the rest is You my Friend, my Beloved.

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