Trinetri – The One with the Third Eye

The Father says: I am now giving you the third eye of knowledge so that you become those with sight.

The Supreme Father is called Trinetri. He has the third eye of knowledge. Keep in your intellect that you belong to the one Father and that He is everything for you. Everything that you see with these eyes is going to be destroyed. Even your eyes will be finished.

When BapDada sees the children, because He has the third eye, He sees them in their three forms… One is the form of the effort-maker, second is the future of the Confluence Age, which is the angelic form and thirdly, the future deity form. He has a vision of all three forms. The three forms of each one are clearly visible, just as you are clearly able to see this body of the present time. These three forms are very clearly visible through the divine eye…through these divine or avyakt eyes…BapDada is seeing the perfect face of all of you.

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