Trikaldarshi – The Knower of the Three Aspects of Time

By coming to know Baba from Baba, you also come to know the beginning, middle and end of the world.

The Father comes and meets the same children every 5000 years.

The Father gives you the news of the whole world at the Confluence Age. He doesn’t relate that in the Golden Age. How could He relate the news of the world that has not yet gone around from the beginning, through the middle to the end? I come when everyone is impure. It is then that I explain to you the secrets of the beginning, middle and end of the world and make you Trikaldarshi.

I sit here and explain to you children every cycle. You do not know your own births. I explain them to you.

Baba has come and explained the secrets of the Drama very clearly. Only Baba can give you the knowledge of the unlimited play, although He has not seen it. You played a part and you don’t know about it. The One who doesn’t play a part has to come and tell you about it.

The Father reminds you that you were the masters of heaven. A kingdom of gods and goddesses is remembered.

BapDada is smiling on seeing the fortunate souls who are a lucky handful out of millions and is awakening their memories. You have been given so many memories of different aspects that you have all become the embodiment of power.

Baba says: By knowing this world cycle, you will become the rulers of the globe. The deity religion has to disappear. It is then that I will establish the new one.

The Father says: This world was pure heaven. It is now called hell, the impure dirty land. It has to become heaven again.

You were once the most elevated human beings but, having taken eight four births, what have you become? You have become residents of hell! This is why you call out: Oh Purifier, come!

Baba will not tell you what is to happen in the future now. To tell you is not fixed in the Drama.

The Father says: I too am an actor. If I were to know the things of the future in advance, I would tell you many things! If Baba were Antaryami (One who knows everything within) He would tell you in advance. The Father says:  No, continue to observe whatever happens in the Drama as a detached observer. At the same time remain intoxicated whilst on the pilgrimage of remembrance.

“Baba, we now have to return home, so will we forget this knowledge?”

Yes children, this knowledge will disappear from My intellect as well as yours. Then, when it is time for the knowledge to be given, it will emerge. Now I will return to the land of nirvana and then I will play My part on the path of bhakti. Those sanskars automatically emerge in the soul. I will come after a kalpa in this same body…The total part is latent in this tiny soul.

You are those with such an important occupation of world emperors and yet you play childish games! For how much longer? The world is waiting for you messengers of peace to come. “Our deities are about to come to give us blessings of peace!”… They are crying out loudly…They are calling out: Come! Come!…The Father is concerned about the time now, even though you are not.

Baba says: This is such a wonderful world!

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  1. Well I truly enjoyed reading it. This post offered by you is very constructive for proper planning.

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