Baap Samaan – Part I

सब राज़ी खुशी हैं? (“Is everyone happy?”) यह भी कोई पूछने की बात है? (“Is this even something to ask?”) Accha! बाबा याद हैं?

The ultimate goal of Brahmin life is to be “Baapsaman” (equal to God). There are so many things that make up what it takes to become like Baba. But He breaks it down for us as only He can and says that if I can maintain equanimity between success and failure, insult and praise then I am Baap Saman.

Blessing from 5-13-2011

May you be complete and perfect like the Father and have a stage of equanimity in praise and defamation, victory and defeat.

When you souls reach your perfect and complete stage, you then maintain equanimity in praise and defamation, victory and defeat, happiness and sorrow. In sorrow, too, instead
of waves of sorrow, waves of joy and happiness should be visible on your face and forehead. While hearing defamation you should feel that that is not defamation, but that those words are to make you praiseworthy and to make your stage complete and strong. When you have such equanimity you would then be said to be equal to the Father. You should not have the slightest feeling in your attitude that someone is your enemy and is insulting you or that someone else is praising you.

When I embark on a task, I commit myself to it and feel fully responsible for it. I prepare with the intention of making it successful. So then there are two things at play here: the task itself and success. And so when a task is “unsuccessful”, I experience “failure”.

Now Baba says, think of yourself as an instrument and stay in my remembrance when performing a task. If I am an instrument then it is not my task anymore that I am performing and so it is no longer my responsibility. It is when I forget this and imagine myself as the doer that I spend a good deal of my time being tensed or stressed. There is
that inherent sense of fear of failure even before I start. So not only do I not enjoy the task but I go through each minute preparing for failure- what should I say or do if I fail!

So the first realization I need is that whatever I do, I am performing my duty (‘Kartavya’) for Baba.  Therefore, success or failure of a task is not my responsibility. Second of all, it all depends on what I consider ‘failure’! Usually, I think I’ve failed if the outcome of a task does not match a vision or expectation I had when I started.

But then I need to think hard about who am I to define that vision or set that
expectation? It makes sense to have expectations about a task that I am responsible for. But here Baba is at the helm. So if He has chosen me as His instrument for the task then my duty is simply to say yes and be available. The rest including the actual work will be done by Him through me. That’s how that works.

So, really I have “failed” if I question the task because in doing so I have questioned
Baba and His faith in me. Would I be chosen if He thought I was incapable? I need to first believe in myself, believe in Baba and in the accuracy of the Drama. If sanyasis who on the basis of concentration on a single thought can invoke souls and create magic, then how powerful am I, a deity soul? Added to that is the fact that I have the most powerful, soul on my side. So this is atmic + parmatmic power at work along with the
knowledge that I have performed this very task countless times before. Therefore
I can and will do this again. I simply have to have the confidence in I, Baba and the drama.

The drama, based on where I am in my journey to becoming Baap Saman presents me with situations that will help me develop or emerge those qualities, skills and powers within me to handle any situation. If I am lacking in even a single virtue or power, I am not 16 celestial degrees complete and as Baba reminds us, there will come a situation which will become an obstacle (‘vigna’) because I didn’t have a power that I needed to handle it. And thus the Drama is as co-operative as Baba Himself. I simply have to spot and embrace the learning opportunity that each situation presents me with.

Not only do we define what success or failure for a task is, we also catch ourselves saying things like “But I did everything per Shrimat, on time and yet the task wasn’t successful”. Well, if I did everything by Shrimat then the task IS successful, it has to be! Again, it just means that my expectation or my definition of success for the task was wrong! As an example, if I put in nights and days to prepare for a service program and exactly five people showed up, it doesn’t mean the program was unsuccessful; Baba used me as His instrument to serve five of His very special children. These five children must be VERY
special if Baba used me in His task of making them feel happy, content and in bringing them closer to their Father. Is success something else?

There isn’t another more selfless server in three worlds outside of Baba. He has the
unenviable task of transforming this world from the depths of hell to heaven; of transforming souls from thorns to flowers. Yet, we don’t see Him worry – He does not even know what the word means! How is that? He also has the three dots – I, Children and Drama that He trusts in. He knows He has the power, he knows His children will stand up for Him and that He has performed this action countless times before, and therefore can and will do it again. Why does it have to be any different for me? He also does not care about being rewarded for His task. He does not care to be crowned king of heaven or be recognized by the whole world. In fact, He knows that will not happen because not everyone has what it takes to recognize God- yet that does not change the fact that He is God! Similarly, irrespective of whether 5 or 500 people show up, nothing takes away from the fact that I put in a good effort and hopefully enjoyed doing it. The process brought me closer to God because I stayed in His remembrance and performed the task out of love for Him. If that’s not success, what is?

So if whatever task I do is Baba’s responsibility including defining the success and
failure of the task, then what is my responsibility? What does it really mean to be available? My responsibility is to allow Baba to take on my responsibility. Let Him do His work, let Him define. Let me let go of the need to be the owner of the outcome. When there is no longer that attachment to the outcome, there is no longer fear or anxiety; rather there is just peace and contentment. There is energy and enthusiasm to do more. Is success something else?

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