Baap Saman – Part II

सब राज़ी खुशी हैं? (“Is everyone happy?”) यह भी कोई पूछने की बात है? (“Is this even something to ask?”) Accha! बाबा याद हैं?

While one aspect of what it takes to be Baap saman (equal to God) is about remaining beyond the success or failure when performing as task, the other aspect is equanimity in the face of praise or insult.

The first step is to understand why is it that I feel insulted to begin with? I feel insulted because I am attached to a particular image of myself that I believe to be perfect and someone just told me I am wrong about that. How did they do that? We think that it was the words they uttered or the actions they performed. Anyone would be angered or feel insulted, right?

But really when I think about it, I know that if I am angered when someone else gets angry with me, it is because I am capable of anger myself and I was just shown the mirror! I recognize that quality and know how to react because I have that same quality within me. Else, I wouldn’t even register it. It is when I see my own flaw come in front of me that I feel embarrassed, insulted as though I have been found out. Baba has no flaws in Him which is why He is easily able to love each one of us despite our flaws- they simply don’t register. It is also the reason why the only way to win over God is through pure love – it is a virtue He recognizes and so He is touched by it and knows how to react to it. Similarly, He is touched by unconditional service, by power, by divine virtues.

Likewise, if I am impatient with people and feel as if someone simply is not fast enough
to understand what I am saying, then it’s because I have been in situations where I have needed time to understand and felt slow! I didn’t like that about myself then and so when I see someone else struggle a little, I can’t take it. That is low self-esteem I am suffering from, has nothing to do with the other person at all. When I am willing to respect myself, stop being so self-critical and accept that it is okay to not be a born expert in everything, then I am able to accept that in others too. I actually become willing to help them by drawing on my own experiences rather than be irritated. Its natural- greatness and humility cannot be mutually exclusive!

I certainly want to look my best any time but unless I am willing to look in the mirror, I can’t know if there is something about me I should fix. The Drama is as beneficial as Baba! It presents us with situations where we see ourselves become the instruments that hold up the mirror for each other so we can check ourselves. I need to embrace such a Drama, not think of it as my enemy trying to get me- that’s when I have thoughts such as “why me?” or “life is just not fair!” or “I wish I could change the Drama!”. When I understand how the Drama works or what it is trying to do, I realize that it is not just on my side but that it is the hardest working self-less friend I have that is preparing me for world emperorship. How do I expect to be king of the world, responsible for the welfare of an entire kingdom if I don’t build the necessary skills, powers and virtues? The Drama ensures I have armed myself or become the embodiment of every power and virtue and the only way to become an embodiment of something is through practicing using it in my life. It then becomes natural nature.

The same theory applies to being affected by praise as well. I can’t stand people that are easily flattered – am I easily flattered? If yes, then this is again a case of low self-esteem that I need to work on. I need to realize and remind myself that I don’t need to be praised or appreciated. That I am already full of all powers and virtues; that I am one that has God Himself belong to me. When I am able to respect myself, I stop being swayed and do the right thing even if that means I will not be the most popular person in the room. Connecting with God through meditation strengthens that realization about who I am and fills me with courage.

It undoubtedly takes enormous courage and strength to be able to see myself in this mirror, see my flaws up close, see myself be exposed and then actually fix that flaw. This is why Baba always reminds us not to take this journey alone. Make Me your companion, He says. Know that I am always with you. When I know this, I see His reflection right next to mine in that mirror and know that He, the eternal surgeon, will help me correct my flaw – but I need to follow the doctor’s orders!

When I can stay beyond by the outcome of a task and remain truly unaffected in the face of insult or praise, I have become equal to God Himself. Now that is success as God defines it!

ओ स्नेहसागर तेरे स्नेह में हम
नैना को अपने भीगोए हुए हैं
साँस के तारों में ओ बाबा तेरे
यादों के मोती पीरोए हुए हैं

यह महसूस होता यहीं पास में हो
हमे देख करके मुस्कुरा रहे हो
सदा साथ मैं हूं बच्चों तुम्हारी
यही बात अब भी तो दोहरा रहे हो
अहसास के इस समुंदर में हम तो
जैसे के मन को डुबोए हुए हैं

उठाकर धरा से जो धुले तन को
मसतक से अपने ऐसे लगाया
चमकने लगे हम सितारों से बनकर
अपने गुणों से जो इतना सजाया
बलीहार होकर तेरे हार में हम
हीरों के जैसे सनजोए हुए हैं

ओ जादूगर ऐसा जादू चलाया
ज्योति सा सारा जहान जगमगाया
किया प्यार का है चमत्कार ऐसा
बेनूर को कोहिनूर बनाया
है शाहे खूबा तेरी खूबीयो के
खयालो में हम खोए खोए हुए हैं

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