Behad – The Unlimited

The Father is the Master of the unlimited.

He is the seed of the human world tree, He is the Truth, the Living Being, the Ocean of Bliss and the Ocean of Purity, for ever. His status is imperishable. No human being can have an imperishable status. Even if you become the ocean of knowledge and purity now, you become this in a limited way. Baba says: I am unlimited. I cannot make you unlimited otherwise, how would the game of the world continue? How would you experience the 84 births? You can’t become this for ever. I make you this for 21 births. It is not the law of Drama that you become this forever. I am ever pure. I reside in Paramdham. I have the knowledge and purity, etc., always.

This One is unlimited. He does unlimited service.

Baba knows that He is the unlimited Father, the One who gives unlimited happiness, that is, He is the Father of all.

This is the unlimited gathering of the True Unlimited Father.  In satyug, there is only a small gathering, Baba doesn’t come there. It is only when there is a complete gathering that Baba comes.

There is a long list of souls to meet. In the subtle regions, you wont have to come turn by turn and there is no question of time. Whenever you wish, however long you wish and however many you wish, it can be done, because it is beyond the limited world. In this limited world there are all kinds of limitations. This is why you have to bind the Free One in bondage.

BapDada makes every child a master of the unlimited.

The Unlimited Father is teching you, and so the study He is teaching must also be unlimited.

The unlimited Father needs unlimited space.

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