Satyam – The Truth

Baba (The Father) is known as the Truth. This is why the name of the age He establishes is the ‘age of truth’ (Satyug). The greatest specialty of the True Lord is that He is the Bestower.

The Father who is the Truth definitely tells the truth. He doesn’t say anything false.

Everything Baba tells you is right. Baba never tells you anything wrong.

Only the Father explains what is truth and what is false. Only the One is the Truth and everything else is false. Only the Father changes the wrong and makes it right. This is why He is called the Truth. Baba says: I have come to remove all of their illusions.

Baba has great love for the children who have a true heart.

The Lord is pleased with an honest heart. The Father says: As much as possible, please the Lord with an honest heart and you will become the masters of the land of truth. No falsehood can continue here. You have to remember Baba. Don’t think: I am Baba’s child anyway! There is great effort in remembrance. If any sinful action is performed, there is great loss. Your intellect would not be able to remain stable. Baba is experienced in this. Baba continues to tell you that some children consider themselves to be very clever. However, Baba says: Great effort is required.

Baba is the One who tells you the Truth and establishing the land of Truth. There are no lies or sin in the Golden Age. You children know that Shiv Baba, who is the Truth, has come. He will purify us souls and take us back with Him once and for all.

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