Nirakari – Incorporeal

The Father is incorporeal. That is, He doesn’t have a human form. Anyone with a human form cannot be God.

The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, neither has a subtle nor a corporeal form.

A soul is just a soul. He is the Supreme Soul. He is incorporeal. He has neither a subtle nor a physical body. This doesn’t mean that He doesn’t have a form. Anything that has a name definitely has a form…Nothing exists without a name or a form. It is such great ignorance to say that God, the Father is beyond name and form! If the Father were beyond name and form and the children were also beyond name and form, then there would be no world.

People don’t know the Father and say that He is omnipresent. Some say that He is the eternal Element of Light. Others say that he is beyond name and form. Since He is the form of Eternal Light, how can He be beyond name and form?

Although He is incorporeal, He is the Father and the Teacher. The Guru who teaches us
incorporeal souls is also incorporeal. He is the Father of souls.

The Father is speaking to you souls…This is spiritual knowledge…It is the spirit that needs knowledge because it is the spirit that has become impure. It is the soul that requires a spiritual injection. He explains: You too are souls, but you don’t realize that you are souls.

Baba only talks to souls. Baba is understood with the intellect.

Shiv Baba is the Incorporeal Observer.

Baba neither comes into a body nor does He make any mistake.

Shiv Baba has no intoxication of hav ing a body of His own.The Father says: Children, I always remain quiet. You too didn’t have that intoxication (arrogance) when you didn’t have a body. Shiv Baba never says that it belongs to Him. This body is taken on loan and anything on loan cannot belong to you. I have entered this one for a short time in order to do service.

The Father doesn’t give importance to His own part. This is My part: it is not anything new. I have to come every 5000 years. I too am bound in the Drama.

Baba Himself says: I am incognito. No one can see Me with these physical eyes…I have no feet to which you would have to bow. I simply call you My beloved children.

Shiv Baba is bodiless and this is why He says: Become bodiless! Remember Me, the Father!

Baba explains to you children. You should be soul conscious like Me. I am the Supreme Father. The Supreme soul has no body. You cannot say: He is soul conscious. He is incorporeal… You have been continuously receiving a body. Now become detached from the body like Me and consider yourself to be a soul. If you want to become the masters of the world, then there is nothing more difficult than that. Baba says: Renounce body consciousness and become like Me.

The Father says: Touch Me, that is, come to the incorporeal world and then come down

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