Gyan Ka Sagar – The Ocean of Knowledge

First of all, Baba is the Ocean of Knowledge

The Father, the Ocean of Knowledge, only comes once. He gives you all the knowledge of Himself and of the beginning, the middle and the end of His creation.

Baba says: This knowledge is fixed in Myself, this soul. I only tell you what I told you a cycle ago, in exactly the same way. I will only explain to you children. No one else knows.

You children know the Ocean of Knowledge, the Purifier, the Bestower of Salvation for All, the Liberator is only the One Father. He gives everything as your inheritance. He says: Children, you too also have to become full oceans. You yourself must imbibe all the knowledge that I have. Baba makes us as knowledge-full as He is. It is not that we souls become the Supreme Soul; no. He doesn’t make us into God like He is, but He does make us equal to Himself.

He gives so many points of knowledge; Not all these points can be remembered; just the essence remains in the intellect. Finally the essence that remains is ‘Manmanabhav’.

Baba is called the Ocean of Knowledge, He is not called the Ocean of Yoga. He introduces Himself and gives you the knowledge of the cycle. Remembrance is not called knowledge.

His language is Hindi. Baba only explains in one language. The Ocean is sitting in His own place. He is in this one’s body. Wherever this one’s body is, the Ocean of Knowledge is there.

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