Param Shikshak – The Supreme Teacher – Part II

I have come to educate you. You, My children are more loved than life.

Baba is the One who gives the donation of life through knowledge. Baba has love for everyone and will always have love for everyone. If He didn’t have love, why would He give these teachings? Even these teachings are His love. The Father doesn’t wish to see the children lacking anything.

Baba has the concern that everyone should receive this knowledge and that the children should also progress. Day and night, the only thought the Father has is how to educate the children so that they can pass this exam and thus become the masters of the world.

The highest destination is not to remember anyone else and break all body consciousness… This is such a huge examination that God Himself has to come to teach you! No one else would say: Renounce all relationships of the body and belong to me! Consider yourself to be an incorporeal soul. The Father is doing everything and educating you and teaching you yoga.

Baba will teach you until you pass fully.

Baba refines and reforms you.

He reforms your character. The character of the whole world has to be reformed. Baba has come to teach us and He is showing us the way to imbibe divine virtues. The Father gives us the teachings: Children, imbibe divine virtues! Remember Me, the Father, the Almighty Authority, the Purifier. I come every cycle and tell you: Constantly remember Me alone and your sins will be absolved.

It is this knowledge that changes you from ordinary humans into deities… Only those who are in degradation need this knowledge… You develop divine virtues by studying this knowledge.

Baba is teaching us souls.

The Father is incognito and the knowledge is incognito. There, human beings give knowledge to human beings. Here, the Father, the Supreme Soul, gives knowledge to souls. However, they don’t understand that souls are taking knowledge because they consider souls to be immune to the effect of action. In fact, it is the soul that does everything.

I, the Supreme Soul, am talking to you souls. You relate this knowledge to souls. If you relate it to others whilst being soul conscious, the arrow will strike the target. If you yourself are unable to remain soul conscious, you are unable to inspire anyone to imbibe… When you speak knowledge whilst looking at that one’s body, the soul doesn’t listen.

It is the soul that studies isn’t it? It is the soul that carries the sanskars. Baba is now filling you with these sanskars… He gives all the virtues He has to you children. He says: I am the Ocean of Knowledge and the Ocean of Happiness. I am making you the same.

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