Param Shikshak – The Supreme Teacher – Part IV

Baba explains to you with meaning.

Whatever the Father explains to you is called knowledge… Baba explains everything to you correctly.

Baba is throwing stones in the form of questions into the churning of you children and is creating ripples in the ocean of your intellect. BapDada is watching the game of these ripples.

Baba continues to explain a great deal. Baba never teaches devotion. He only teaches knowledge. 

On the path of bhakti, they create such huge books, etc. In fact, Baba sits here and explains to you orally.

He is the Authority of Knowledge. Baba is full of knowledge. He has never studied anything nor did He have any guru. Have you seen such a person?

He is the incorporeal mine of the imperishable jewels of knowledge. The mine of the jewels of knowledge only opens once.

I tell you whatever has to be told in the Drama. According to the Drama, you receive whatever answer has to be said.

Such is My part in the Drama. Baba also leaves everything to the Drama. People say that it is the will of God. God says: It is the will of the Drama.

The Father will continue to explain everything as you make further progress. It is all fixed for the Father to explain to you. The part that is fixed for all of you souls is being repeated. Whatever you are learning is also being repeated.

Baba sits here and tells you children the knowledge of the beginning, middle and the end of the world. He continues to tell you new things. You mustn’t ask why you weren’t told something before. In a school, children are educated numberwise. Young children have small organs and so they are taught very little. As they become old and their organs grow, the lock on their intellect opens and they are able to imbibe their lessons.

Because new children continue to come, Baba has to explain everything to you over and over again.  Who would teach them the earlier lessons? Therefore, when Baba sees the new children, He repeats the old points.

Baba explains very little to the children because even if He explained a lot, there would be the need to come back to Manmanabhav.

The Father doesn’t explain to you the details. He explains wholesale. Wholesale means He gives you such an explanation in just a second that you know everything about how your part is recorded from the beginning of the Golden Age to the end of the Iron Age. You know who the Father is and what His part is in the Drama.

Baba and you children know that He is your Baba. There is no question of knowledge in that. Knowledge is the details whereas that is simply remembrance. Baba says, “Remember Me!”, that’s all!  A child takes birth and would definitely remember his Father. When Baba says, “Remember Me Alone!”, that is not knowledge, it is Baba’s direction. This is called yoga. Knowledge means to know how the world cycle continues to turn. You are given the knowledge that Baba has.

The Father doesn’t just teach, but He is the embodiment of experience.

Teachings are given through being the embodiment. In many cases, teachings are not given through words but through the form.

Sakar Baba can explain to you very well. He is experienced and can tell you everything about the way he carries on. You have to learn by watching him. He will continue to teach you because he is ahead of everyone.

The Father is the Father, Teacher and Satguru. He demonstrates everything to us practically.

Baba explains the knowledge with great love and great sweetness.

Baba, the Teacher, enters this impure world and this impure body whilst remaining completely egoless. Baba sits here and teaches you in such an entertaining way! He is the Supreme Teacher. The unlimited Father gives you easy explanation. It touches the heart how Baba explains the Truth.

The Father sits here and explains to you with so much humility! The Father is the servant of you children. Baba is teaching you with so much love and interest!…

The Teacher only has this concern in His intellect: I have to make the children complete with all the virtues like the deities. According to the Drama, the Father has taken this contract.

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