Prem Ka Sagar – The Ocean of Love – Part I

The Father shows you the path of love. 

The Father, the Ocean of Love is loved by everyone so much! 

It is only the One Father who gives you love in the form of the Bestower. He has no desire to take. However much a soul may be religious, a philanthropist, an incognito donor or even a great soul, but still he is a taker, not a giver. If not anything else, at least he will want pure love. The Father is complete like an Ocean. This is why He is the Bestower. Godly love is the love from the Bestower, this is why there is nothing to give but only to take and take.

BapDada sees the one desire of all souls of the world, the desire for real love. BapDada has come to show the easy method by which this desire can be fulfilled. BapDada has come to the children for this reason. For a long period of time, in a variety of different ways, children have been trying to fulfill this desire. Seeing all this, the Merciful Father feels great mercy. They are the children of the Bestower and yet, they are asking for peace, for even a short while, for just a moment. The children, the ones with all rights, have become beggars and are thirsty for peace and love. Searching for these, stumbling around, some children have lost hope and the question arises, “Is it possible to have eternal peace in the world? Is it possible for all souls to have attainment of real love?” Baba Himself has come to answer the question that the children have.

BapDada has come to give this good news to the children that you, My children, yesterday were the masters of the world filled with peace and happiness. That at that time, all souls were tied together with the thread of love. Peace and love were the specialties of your life. There was nothing unavailable. Where there is lack of attainment, the cause is impurity. In the world where there is nothing unattainable, everything that you desire will exist in a practical form. This is the destiny of the Drama. It is immovable, unshakeable, no one can change it. That which is destined is fixed already….who are you all? The foundation stone of the new creation. This is why you have come here. You play your part of serving the world with the depth of love from the heart. BapDada swings you in the cradle of His heart of love and congratulates you. May you always have progress, fly and have success… Seeing the effort of love filled in every child, if BapDada were to sing the praise, it wouldn’t be enough. The Father’s praise and the praise of the children who are servers is also beyond limit. 

Baba constantly rotates the rosary of the virtues of you children.

Is BapDada’s love greater or the children’s love greater? Some children must be thinking that the love of all of them is greater than BapDada’s love. The love of some is greater but there is not a majority of them. There is love but it is not unbroken and constant. The love of the children changes it form a great deal. The love of BapDada remains unbroken and constant.

Just as you children are constantly absorbed in the love for the Father, the Ocean of Love, so to, the Father, out of love for you children, constantly sings praise of you children. BapDada has a portrait of every child, showing their garland of virtues and divine activity. BapDada has in front of Him a huge and beautiful temple and art gallery of you living statues. BapDada is constantly looking at each child’s portrait and garland… All of you only have to remember the one Father, whereas BapDada has to remember all of you children; He cannot forget even one of you. 

Baba gives a lot of regard and uplifts you…Yet, you become arrogant. Baba praises you to uplift you. 

Only Baba says: Oh My beloved, spiritual children!

The specialty of Baba’s love is that He doesn’t like to see the weakness of those for whom He has love. There is always the powerful thought to transform the weakness into a wonder. When there is love, one cannot bear to see the other laboring. 

BapDada has love for the children. What is the sign of love? The one who has love cannot bear to see the weakness of the one whom he has love for. He constantly wishes to see himself and the other soul he has love for complete and equal. So Baba draws your attention again and again and makes you check yourselves. This is true love to make you complete.

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