Param Shikshak – The Supreme Teacher – Part VI

It is Baba’s right to explain to you. A brother cannot caution a brother. It is this Teacher’s task to teach you and He can tell you anything. 

Baba never defames anyone. He simply tells you in order to explain to you. Baba constantly has the attitude of blessings for every child seeing that, if not today, then tomorrow these children will definitely become the embodiment of success. However, together with being the Bestower of blessings, Baba is also the Teacher and this is why He makes you check for the future and draws your attention. 

Baba explains: This is the sword of knowledge. 

He explains again and again so that none of you can say that Baba didn’t explain this particular aspect. You cannot complain that you were not given a signal.  At that time, BapDada will remind you of this point. 

Baba will stop giving knowledge when the children will have finished imbibing it. 

(Now that Baba has become Avyakt), is the part in the form of the Teacher still continuing or has it finished? Is the Teacher giving you the revision course, or are you doing it yourselves? Baba is not teaching you the study, but you have His help. So even now, the Teacher is looking after you from a distance. If you have any difficulty, you can ask Him. Do you know what Baba (Brahma) feels when he sees the children wasting their time? Baba has mercy anyway, bu together with mercy, the relationship that exists also pulls him. Then there is the desire to take leave from Shiv Baba, of taking on a corporeal form and drawing the attention of you children again. What did Baba do when he became bodiless and karmateet? He became a bird and flew away in one second. And so the study has now finished. But one task still remains: that of taking you with Him. 

Everything Baba teaches you now will later disappear. Deities don’t have this knowledge. 

The One who is teaching disappears when He has taught you. Those who have studied become the masters of the world. Such an education doesn’t exist in the Golden Age. This study is for making impure ones pure. 

You come down to play your part according to how much you study now. You study now for the new world. Baba says: I have taught you many times before. This study is imperishable. 

The Father says: This knowledge can never be destroyed. 

The Father says: No one knows the knowledge I give you. 

You children know that this is not a human being, a sage or a holy man who is teaching us. Shiv Baba teaches us. He is the Father, the Teacher and the Satguru. He is everything. 

Baba is teaching you and so you are great. 

The Father explains to you very clearly. Even then, He says: Only a handful out of multimillions and only a few out of those, understand.

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