Prem Ka Sagar – The Ocean of Love – Part II

The Father has so much love for you children! The Father has loved you from the beginning.

Even though Baba’s love is numberwise, yet still it is number one for all. No one should ever think that Baba has less love for me or more love for someone else. There is more love for all. Perhaps sometimes the words that are spoken through the lips are more with one than another, but the love of the heart is not distributed through words. In Baba’s vision, each child is number one. Has the number been declared as yet? Until that time when the numbers are revealed, each and every one is number one because anyone can be number one. You also heard that it is Brahma who is constantly number one, but there is also the first division.  Those souls are also called number one. Until the final results have been declared, even though they are known to BapDada, even if at the present moment the soul has the last number, Baba doesn’t consider that one to be the last. Anyone can move forward and become first. There is still a margin for this. There is still a margin for many changes…So in Baba’s vision everyone is number one… Just simply have faith in yourself and keep flying… BapDada has love in the heart for each one to enable them to fly forward.

Even if sometimes two words less are spoken with someone, it doesn’t mean that the love is less… Even if just two words are spoken, within those two words is merged the Ocean of Love… No one can say that Baba loves me more than you. If someone says this, then tell that one, “No, Baba loves me more than you.” And He does! He isn’t just saying it to make you happy. Because Baba understands that the children have been lost and stumbling. They have been tired and confused and now have come to meet Me after 5000 years. It is only because Baba has searched for you that you were found. Someone was found in London, someone was found in Paris and someone was found in a corner of Argentina. Souls have been found from everywhere. Just think about it, if someone has been searched for and found how great the love there is for them! Can the Ocean have less love for anyone? Do you understand who you are? Only the Comforter of the Hearts knows how much love there is in the heart for each and every one. 

Seeing the children’s love, BapDada keeps giving attainment for many moments in return for one moment’s love. 

The amount of seconds that you have been remembering Baba, that many times BapDada welcomes you by making you sit on His eyelashes. When BapDada sees those children who sing the praise of only One Father, he also starts singing their praise… When children sing the songs, what does BapDada do at that time? What does He do? What happens to the listeners when they hear someone singing a very beautiful song? Even if they don’t want to, they start dancing. When children sings songs of love, BapDada starts dancing in joy doesn’t He? What else does He have to do? To do service is also dancing here and there. 

How do you receive BapDada’s love? Do you know? The more you become co-operative in Baba’s task, the more love you will receive. You receive love by giving co-operation in His task. Do you have this experience? On the day when you are more co-operative than the task requires, you will experience greater love from Baba. 

Baba is the Ocean of Love and you children too have to become oceans of love like the Father. 

The Father has given you His introduction, that He is the Ocean of Love and is making you into oceans of love… God is praised as the Ocean of Knowledge, the Ocean of Love. This means, He gives everyone happiness. Baba always says: Never make anyone unhappy. 

No one in the world can love you as much as the Father does. He is called the Ocean of Love. You also have to become like Him. If you cause sorrow to anyone, or upset anyone, then you will die in sorrow. Baba is not cursing you by saying this, but merely explaining to you. Give happiness and you will remain happy! Give everyone love! Baba too is the Ocean of Love. 

Everyone showers flowers of gold, but BapDada is showering all of you with supreme love, with pearls of alokik love…

Have you seen the pearls of love? Do you know the pearls of love?

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