Param Shikshak – The Supreme Teacher – Part V

He is a very simple teacher. Those teachers punish children, but this One only gives love. He says: Sweet Children, remember the Father and become Satopradhan.

BapDada doesn’t see weaknesses. He simply gives a signal. By saying that someone is very good, they will become good. By saying that they are weak, they become weak. If they are already weak to begin with and someone says it, they will become unconscious. No matter how unconscious they may be, you must teach them about the life of giving herb of an elevated consciousness, the consciousness of their specialty. Then the unconscious ones will become alive again… Keep a mirror of their specialties in front of you.  They have simply forgotten their specialties at this time… By reminding them they will become special souls. And the more you speak about their specialties, the more they will realize their weaknesses. You will not need to make them realize. If you tell someone their weakness, they will try to hide it and hide from it. They will say, “I am not like this”. If you speak about specialties, they will realize their weaknesses on their own. And until they realize their weaknesses, they cannot transform them, even if they make effort for 50 years.

This One teaches everyone identically in order for you all to create your own fortune.

Baba is not teaching everyone alone. Baba teaches everyone together and you teach others.  The Father teaches all of you at the same time. Then each of you has your own intellect.  Some write to Baba: Have mercy on me! Give me blessings! Baba replies: Bless yourself! Give yourself the tilak through yoga and study. What can the teacher do? Would you ask for mercy and blessings from a teacher?

Only the Father inspires you to make effort. There can be no favoritism in this. Nor is this a special study. In a worldly study, they employ a teacher especially to give private tuition.  Here there is no question of extra study. This is just the one great mantra: Manmanabhav. It all depends on your effort.

Some say: My intellect is dull and I am unable to imbibe anything. What can Baba do about that? That is your karmic account. Baba inspires everyone to make the same effort. What can He do if it is not in your fortune? Baba understands that each one’s intellect is individual.

I only explain to those who can imbibe the details of knowledge. To the rest I say: Manmanabhav.

Baba says: I perform the dance of knowledge in front of those who are very eager to hear it and so many good points emerge. The chatrak birds pull this to themselves. If your yoga is not accurate and you don’t remember the Father, then you can’t understand anything.

Baba sees everyone’s horoscope. Then He has love for them accordingly and attracts them.

Baba gives you love and remembrance numberwise, according to your efforts. The Teacher too will of course have greater love for someone who studies well. The Father says: I love the knowledgeable souls.

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