Khevaiya – The Boatman

Baba now removes you from the ocean of poison and takes you into the ocean of milk. 

The Father says: Children, you have been stumbling a great deal for half a cycle and have become impure. Your call has been heard by the Highest-on-High Father… The Father sits here and explains: At last the day has come… The Boatman has come.

The Boatman is the Incorporeal and the boat is also incorporeal. He pulls the boat across and takes it to Paramdham. The incorporeal Father is taking the incorporeal children. 

Baba is not afraid when you go through storms of Maya. Storms will come.

The Father is also called the Boatman and you are the boats. The Boatman comes to take all the boats across. It is said that the boat of Truth will rock but it will never sink.

The Father says: Destruction is just ahead of you. Remember Me and your boat will go across.

Remember that you have given the true Father your lifeboat and so the boat that has the company of the Truth may rock, but will not sink. Having given the responsibility to the Father, do not take it back. “I will be able to move along.” Where did this “I” come from? To finish the consciousness of “I” means to belong to the Father. You continually make this mistake and then you yourself become confused and distressed by it. Finish the consciousness of ‘I’… Simply consider your responsibility to be that of moving along as the Father makes you move along and of doing exactly as He says. Wherever baba places you, you will stay there. You will not mix the dictates of the self, of the consciousness of ‘I’, with Shrimat. Then you will go beyond repentance, you will become an embodiment of attainment and achieve an easy speed of effort, that is, you will constantly have an intellect that is good and wise.

Who will take everyone back? Who will clear all this jungle? It is Baba, the Boatman.

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