Mali – The Gardener

God speaks:

You were 100% pure and solvent, ever-healthy and ever-wealthy. There was no mention of disease or sorrow. It was the land of happiness. This is called the Garden of Allah. God established the garden.

The Master of the Garden, the Gardener, is the incorporeal One, not the corporeal one. The Gardener is a soul, not a body. The Master of the Garden is also a soul. It is when He is in this body that He is called the Gardener and the Master of the Garden because He is making this world into a garden of flowers. 

Baba has now come and is changing the jungle of thorns into a garden of flowers. 

Baba plants the sapling of the deity flowers.

God, the Gardener, is now planting flowers. He continues to change the thorns into flowers. This is His task!

Shiv Baba creates a garden of flowers and Ravan changes it into a forest of thorns. Ravan is burnt on a thorn tree whereas flowers are offered to the Father. Only Baba and you children know about these things. 

Baba’s eyes are attracted by the flowers and He says: this one is very good and makes a lot of service, he stays soul conscious and remembers Baba. Baba has no other work than to remember each one. 

The Father, the Master of the Garden, is seeing the variety of flowers in the living garden. Only once throughout the whole cycle does BapDada find such a spiritual garden. Such a spiritual garden with the beauty of such spiritual, fragrant flowers cannot be found at any other time. When compared with this garden, then no matter how famous any other garden may be, what would the experience of that be? This garden is as valuable as a diamond and the other one is as worthless as a shell. Do you have the intoxication that you are a spiritual flower in God’s living garden? The basis of your color is the subject of knowledge. The basis of beauty and fragrance is being an embodiment of remembrance and divine virtues. Flowers with just color and beauty are used for decoration, whereas people would keep fragrant flowers close to themselves. Fragrant flowers are constantly and automatically embodiments of service by creating a spiritual atmosphere. 

BapDada wants to see every child as a spiritual rose in full blossom, not half blossomed. A fully blossomed flower is so lovely. It is a pleasure just to look at it. However, if it is even slightly wilted, what do you do? You would put it aside. BapDada doesn’t put you aside, but you yourself put yourself to one side. 

It is the Father who makes you into flowers. You flowers have to bloom here. You have to become flowers here before you can become flowers there for birth after birth. You should have so much happiness that you are changing from thorns into flowers! Flowers always give happiness to everyone. Baba wonders why you children are not happy. He is making you into flowers for the Golden Age. 

BapDada is seeing the spiritual spirits and together with that, He is taking the fragrance of the spirit that emerges from each flower.

Baba receives the fragrance of the children, doesn’t He? There is fragrance from the worthy children and a bad smell from the unworthy children. You will only have the desire to pick the fragrant flowers in a garden.

In a college or university, teachers look at the students. Where are the roses? I can see a rose here and then I can see another very fragrant flower next to that one. I can even see an uck flower somewhere. The Master of the Garden has to look at them… The Father is happy on seeing the flowers.

Muslims speak of the Garden of Allah. They believe that there is a garden there and that whosoever goes there receives a flower from God. He is the One who fulfills the desires of your mind. It isn’t that He picks a flower and gives that, but He gives a vision of whatever is in someone’s intellect.

Baba is the Master of the Garden and you Brahma Kumars and Kumaris are gardeners. There are different types of gardeners. The Master of the Garden doesn’t go outside. The gardeners go there. This gardener is also with Shiv Baba and therefore he too cannot go there. You gardeners go there to do service. The Master of the Garden loves the gardeners who create very good flowers. He is pleased with them.

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