Punarjanma – Beyond Birth and Rebirth

No human being should be called God. Souls shed one body and take another one. God doesn’t enter the cycle of birth and death.

 Shiv Baba resides in the land of liberation and you children, you souls, also reside there with Him. 

Only the one Father doesn’t take birth and die. 

He never takes rebirth. He never comes into the cycle of birth and death. No. He is beyond birth and rebirth. He Himself comes and explains how He comes. 

You come into the cycle of birth and death, whereas I don’t. I don’t take rebirth. I am not beyond birth. I do come but I enter an old body. You souls enter the body of a baby. I come down from the Supreme region to play My part. I do not enter the womb of a vicious person…. You call out to Me: You are the Mother and You are the Father. No one can be My mother or father… I simply take the support of a body to play My part. You call out to Me to remove your sorrow and give you happiness. I have now come personally in front of you. 

I do not take birth and rebirth. Everyone else has a father. No one can be My father. 

God is beyond death because He doesn’t have a body of His own. But there is birth… His birth is divine.

His birth is said to be subtle. No other human being can take birth in the same way as He does. He enters this one in his stage of retirement. 

I never enter a womb. I never become a child. 

You souls come down here and enter a womb, whereas I have come and entered this body. I do not enter a womb. I simply incarnate. This is known as a divine birth.

The Father doesn’t take rebirth. He does take birth, but He says: I don’t enter a womb. I do not receive sustenance. 

The Father from beyond is soul conscious. Even when He enters this one, He doesn’t become body conscious. He says: I take this body on loan in order to give you knowledge. You enter a womb. I do not enter a womb. My ways and means are unique. 

Everyone enters the cycle of birth and rebirth whilst I stay in reserve. 

No one can attain eternal liberation. Even I cannot have eternal liberation. I too have to come and serve the devotees and make them happy.

He also has to come to play a part. He says: I come at the confluence of two kalpas. As God cannot have eternal liberation, how can you children have eternal liberation? 

Shiv Baba says: I become a living embodied soul for a temporary period.

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