75 Points of Dharna to Become Complete

1)      Baba created his avyakt stage while being in the corporeal form. Though he appeared to be ordinary in the body, nothing of Baba was seen to be ordinary: everything of Baba was unique and lovely. He never said: I am doing this or I have to do this. We never saw him thinking about anything or being worried. He was always a carefree emperor and so we should also follow the Father.

2)      Our Baba has created such a life for us and out of happiness for that, we are all celebrating our Platinum Jubilee. Now, we must not get caught up in other matters, such as “this one’s nature or that one’s sanskars” etc. Do not go down that route, but instead simply make the effort to see the father and follow the father.

3)      By belonging to Baba, we have become free from the habit of looking at this world. Simply belonging to one Baba and none other, our vision is not drawn to anything else. We have nothing but Baba in our hearts, in our mind and in our vision. From the time that we came to Baba, we are playing our best part of all. We have never fluctuated and so this Platinum Jubilee is to celebrate that.

4)      No matter how much service we may be doing, if we are also thinking about others that is a mistake. The basis of creating a good stage is to have good thoughts and to have thoughts of God. Every minute of the confluence age increases our life and makes it as valuable as a diamond. Therefore, do not waste it in wasteful thoughts and thoughts of others.

5)      For the child who says “Baba” from his heart, that “Baba is my everything”, and who cannot see anything except Baba, does not speak to anyone but Baba and listens to only Baba, Baba also is always present in front of that child. Those who have had the taste of courage, zeal and enthusiasm experience His help at every step. They explain to themselves: O sweet one, never lose courage!”

6)      If you want to sit the Comforter of Hearts in your heart, if you want a merciful and true heart, then do not keep anything of anyone else or of the past, even if it something of yesterday, a year ago or even 10 years ago.

7)      Do not wait for anyone to change. Do not even have the thought: “When is this one going to change.” You simply continue to move forward and they will also follow. Exchange happiness among yourselves and become Sukhdev, the bestower of happiness. Make your sanskars the same as Baba’s. Make sure that no one’s sanskars should influence you in any way.

8)      While doing service, all of you have to remain united as one. Let there be love and regard for one another, and in this way, you will remain light in your life. By drawing might, you will be successful and when you have such a life, then at the end, you will be able to be ever-ready in a second.

9)      Have mercy and compassion for yourself. Do not waste your time unnecessarily. Do not allow your stage to fluctuate due to someone else’s sanskars. If due to any reason, there is the slightest bitterness because of someone’s harsh sanskars or their waste thoughts, then offer that bitter (uck) flower to Baba.

10)   Any type of arrogance will not allow the soul to remain in the incorporeal stage or allow it to become viceless or egoless. Therefore, become detached from your body and all bodily relations and physical situations and Baba will love you. The more detached you become, the more power you will be able to draw from Baba. Knowledge says: be detached. Yoga says: Take power.

11)   I want to become as good as Baba is. Do not compare yourself with anyone else. Simply look at one Baba, that is all! Look at Baba, listen to Baba and follow the Shrimat that Baba gives you. Apart from this, do not look at anyone, do not listen to anyone and do not think about anyone. No one will change by my thinking about them.

12)   I definitely have to have good wishes for myself and for others. However, the good wishes will only work when I do not have any desires. My good wishes and pure feelings will enable any soul to belong to Baba. This is the basis of service through the mind.

13)   Fortune is created through renunciation and power is received through tapasya. If there is any attachment in relationships or to wealth, then you cannot do tapasya. Remembrance, yoga and tapasya are all different. I have to stay in remembrance. Yoga means to draw power from that connection and tapasya means to experience the bodiless stage.

14)   The desire of respect and honor arises from body consciousness and then you also experience insult. If I experience any sorrow, then definitely there is some attachment to something or another and this is why I have to remain very cautious and become free from attachment. Increase the practice of soul consciousness as much as possible.

15)   God says: My children are in My heart and the children say: Baba is in my heart. Baba’s true child is one who has nothing in his heart except Baba. No matter what happens, even if someone insults you or says anything to you, in your heart, let there be only Baba.

16)   Take blessings from the mother and Father and the bundle of sins will be removed. Remembrance may come later, but first of all take blessings from Baba. Whatever sins you had committed in the past, with Baba’s blessings they have all finished. Baba has removed the burden from our head. The soul has become pure and peaceful and so you are able to have natural yoga.

17)   Free yourself from everything else and just think about what Baba has said in the Murlis. When the things that Baba has said are in your heart, mind and intellect, then your heart will continue to become clean and your intellect very good and wise.

18)   Baba has made every child an instrument for service. Service has taken place by becoming an instrument and saying “ha ji” and will continue to take place. In order to become karmateet, perform such actions that bring you happiness. If there isn’t any happiness, then something is missing and if something is missing you will have to pull your own ears.

19)   Yoga should be such that none of your old sanskars touch your mind or intellect. Otherwise, those old sanskars will touch you and make you untouchable and the fragrance of being a Brahmin will be finished. Therefore, first of all liberate yourself from all the things of the past and all bodily relations and then experience liberation-in-life of Brahmin life.

20)   We have to make our thoughts very pure and elevated. By making them pure, they learn how to become peaceful and we learn to be patient. If there is the slightest laziness or carelessness, you cannot create your fortune through service, you become deprived of receiving blessings and therefore kick away laziness and carelessness.

21)   Whatever happened is good, whatever is happening is better and whatever is to happen will be the best and this is a guarantee. There is no question about it. By having good feelings for everyone with honesty, your present and future status will become good. The kingdom of the world is coming into our hands and those sanskars are emerging now.

22)   My intellect should not note anyone’s defects, otherwise, I will not be able to experience Baba’s power, sakaash and love. This is very subtle. To note anyone’s defect and then to interact with others in that way means to deprive yourself of all the property that you receive from Baba.

23)   Imbibe the virtue of patience and you will become very sweet and will be decorated with contentment. If you have tolerance you will not become harsh or delicate. Those who lack the power of tolerance will either be harsh or delicate.

24)   While performing actions throughout the day, remember Baba in such a way that Baba Himself remembers you, that is, you receive extra sakaash from Baba and then this sakaash works. This is very deep. Let there be remembrance over a long period of time, the link of remembrance should never have broken. Then remembrance begets remembrance and there is automatic exchange of sakaash.

25)   In order to become free of the iron-aged karmic bondages, do not create any new karmic accounts. We are in relationship but free from bondage. We have to create such a stage of liberation-in-life. We have to claim the inheritance of liberation and liberation-in-life from Baba at this time.

26)   Let there not be the slightest vision of dislike for anyone. Be mature and sensible and continue to play your part to the best of your ability with peace and patience. No matter what any soul is like, that soul will become fine with peace. To say “you are like this and you are like that” – It is not my duty to speak or see anyone in this way.

27)   Pay a lot of attention to your words. No matter what anyone says about you, my words should not change because I have to go beyond the world of sound. If there is any change in this incognito and true effort, then I will face the damage.

28)   In order to create a constant and steady stage I have to concentrate my intellect and keep my mind free from desires. I should not have any other desires apart from the desire to become the best of all. As is Baba, so are the children. There should be no difference between the Father and the children. For this, simply look at Baba and become like Baba.

29)   Never spoil your record of giving regard. Those who are pleased are always happy. Those who are upset can never remain constantly happy. No matter what happens, always remain pleased. Otherwise, you will create the nature of being upset and this causes a lot of damage. You will develop qualifications according to the aim that you have.

30)   Continue to observe from the beginning to the end the disciplines that Baba has created and you will experience the power of that discipline. Those who are accurate in following the disciplines, codes of conduct and manners at the confluence age are fortunate. If someone has the habit of sleeping at Amrit vela, they will remain sleeping and therefore, instill the habit of waking up at Amrit vela.

31)   Karavanhar Baba is making me do everything and I am an instrument. Always have the consciousness that Baba is making you do everything and that you are not doing anything. From the beginning until now, when we are celebrating the Platinum Jubilee, Baba has made the children instruments and created their fortune. Therefore, never have the feeling of being the one who is doing everything. Signs of irritation or tiredness should never be visible.

32)   Just as our ancestors have become pillars and made the foundation of the yagya very strong, so too, we also have to become pillars. It is not a big thing to become a brick. Bricks have to be baked and put together with cement and this is hard work. A pillar does very good work. In order to become a pillar, your character should be elevated and the best of all.

33)   If anyone says that their ideas are perfectly right and that everyone should accept them then that is also a sign of ego. It should not be that you instantly continue to do whatever you feel is right. Do everything peacefully and patiently with everyone. Do not become heated in any way and rush into anything. Let there never be any violent thoughts, words or actions.

34)   These are the moments to become complete with all virtues with everyone’s co-operation and by seeing everyone’s virtues. Do not look at anyone’s defects, do not listen to anyone about these and seeing this practical example, people of the world will also change quickly. So now, celebrate the Platinum Jubilee to finish all waste. Let there be no waste and perfection will become the garland around your neck.

35)   I have to maintain my own self-respect and give respect to everyone. There is safety and cleanliness in this. Renounce everything else and just observe the quality of experience of pure and peaceful thoughts. Out of the five vices, if there is the slightest effect of any one of the vices then this will not allow you to remain pure and peaceful. So check and change yourself.

36)   Baba’s obedient children will never be disobedient in any way. They remain very cautious. If there is the slightest disobedience then you will be deprived of receiving the fruit that you would receive on following God’s directions. Therefore, always be obedient, faithful and honest.

37)   The heart is mine and if I keep that heart honest and clean, Baba will be happy with me. If I keep anything else in my heart, then neither will I be happy nor will those who live with me be happy and nor will Baba be happy. I have to keep myself in a happy, content and blissful stage and therefore, I have to constantly remain absorbed in the love of One.

38)   No matter what happens, I must not give or take sorrow. Together with purity, I also have to become peaceful and loveful. The practical proof of purity is that my life is filled with happiness and peace.

39)   Whatever you see or hear, just see the goodness. Even when someone is saying something, see the goodness in that. No one’s defects should be visible. If I am seeing anyone’s defects, that is my first defect. Whatever you wouldn’t like to hear about, do not listen to that.

40)   My nature should not be sensitive even slightly. I have to remain so wise and sensible that all eight powers are visible in my life in a practical way. Not a single power should be missing.

41)   Tests have come and will continue to come in the effort-making life, but with honesty, I have been able to pass those tests. Baba makes us tension-free. The truth is that the past is the past, I have to live in the present, make Baba my Companion, be a detached observer and play my part. 

42)   With determination, make your sanskars pure, peaceful, and elevated and the best of all and practice the seed stage. For this, merge everything else, accommodate everything and just stay in silence. Continue to give everyone the happiness that Baba has given you. 

43)   Since it is Baba who is doing everything and making me do everything, I simply have to say “Ha ji”, and “yes Baba”. Be ready to do the service that you are given and the Lord will become present in front of me. 

44)   Do not have any pressure about anything, do not create any pressure for anyone and do not have any pressure on yourself. Always remain light and taking might from Baba everything will become right. 

45)   To be a yogi means to belong to one Baba and none other. Whatever you want to do, do that now, do not leave it till tomorrow. If you perform good actions you will receive a good fortune. 

46)   If you want to receive Baba’s love, then share with others whatever you hear from Baba. Speak softly, speak sweetly, speak truthfully and speak less and then you will be called a knowledgeable soul. Baba loves such gyani souls. 

47)   We are the children of the Remover of Sorrow and Bestower of Peace. We must never experience sorrow in any situation. Do not be afraid and do not create fear in others. In order to swing in the swing of super sensuous joy, do not waste your time in wasteful matters. Do not battle for anything. 

48)   In order to become a real flawless diamond or to be a hero actor, become a zero in a second. I am the child of the Zero Father, Zero is my Companion. Make your every second and every thought successful with this awareness and accumulate an income of multimillions at every step. 

49)   In order to experience super sensuous joy, control your physical senses as well as your mind, intellect and sanskars with your orders. Remain free from thinking about others, looking at others and blaming others. Do not keep the fault of others in your vision. Become one who only picks up virtues. 

50)   Make your thoughts pure and your mind peaceful. When Baba is in your thoughts, then by having Baba’s knowledge in your thoughts, by churning it and remembering it, you will be threaded in the rosary of victory. 

51)   Do not allow your thinking to be spoilt in any way even by mistake. The more simple you remain, the better it is. Become a conqueror of your mind and you will be victorious over everything that comes in front of you in the world. 

52)   Always pay attention that your final moments will be good and accumulate the power of selfless service. Karavanhar is making me do everything and I am doing everything as an instrument and therefore, I cannot have any ego. 

53)   The path of knowledge is the path of introversion. When you look inside yourself, you are able to hear the things that Baba says. By remaining introverted Baba gives you power through which your old habits can be finished. 

54)   A true Brahmin is one who has purity, truth, humility and sweetness visible in him in a natural way. To think in terms of “I” and “you” is wrong. When you accept defeat, you stop quarrelling. To try to prove yourself means to waste your time. 

55)   Internally, there is just the feeling of pure love that Baba should give a good intellect. Among you, let there be such interaction that seeing this, others are transformed. If others are not reforming themselves, do not become dry yourself. Any soul can be transformed with love. I simply have to have patience for this. 

56)   Even if your body is going through any difficulty, do not make your face serious. In order to become an image that grants visions, become mature and sensible and learn how to smile. Never forget the attainments you have received from Baba. 

57)   To remain set on the seat of your Godly clan and community is an act of being sensible. Those who remain upset are absent in front of Baba. A delicate nature upsets you and when you are upset, your mood is spoilt therefore, never become upset. 

58)   Continue to move forward with the power of yoga of purity. Your vision and attitude should never be spoilt; otherwise you will not be able to have yoga. Those who do not have yoga do not have any power and they are weak souls. Any type of weakness is my enemy which doesn’t allow me to follow Shrimat. 

59)   If you want to be a yogi and remain yogyukt then first of all become full of knowledge (gyanyukt), know all secrets (raazyukt)and diplomatic in everything (yuktiyukt). I will receive the fruit according to the actions I perform. So I have to sow seeds of good actions. If I perform elevated actions, my stage will become elevated. 

60)   In order to become an angel, stay in the unadulterated remembrance of One and continue to serve with your bones to give the power of peace to the world. Stop looking at the defects of others. Baba will automatically put them right because He is responsible for everyone. I have to have the mercy to remove the weaknesses that I have in me. 

61)   It is necessary to pay attention to being clean, honest and simple. Remain simple as much as possible. Let there be cleanliness inside me. Do not keep anyone’s rubbish inside you. My feelings and intentions should be good and everything will be fine. If I see someone else as bad even slightly, I will become the bad one. 

62)   Those who follow Shrimat at every step, pay full attention to the study and remain faithful automatically receive blessings from Baba. Baba considers someone who doesn’t’ remember anyone but the One to be faithful. No one should remember such a soul. If someone received some help through good intentions and you remember that one that is not damaging. However, I should not become anyone’s support. If I make anyone dependent on me, that is wrong. 

63)   We, the children of the Bestower of Fortune are very fortunate, and so continue to distribute the happiness that you have received. Remain happy and distribute happiness to everyone and by doing so, your sanskars will become those of remaining happy. 

64)   This time of the confluence age helps me to create energy and this is why your time should not be wasted even slightly. Never get caught up in “why? what? or how?” Never have the feeling, “What should I do? How can I do this?” With good feelings even your sanskars will become elevated. 

65)   You can receive a lot of power through service and you also receive blessings. Do service with your heart, with your mind, through your body and with your wealth, whatever service you do, however much service you do, if you sow the seeds now you will definitely eat its fruit for 21 births. 

66)   In order to become the light of God’s eyes, stop playing with the stones of waste thoughts. Become a deity of peace, a bestower of happiness and always remain ready for any type of service. Always let your thoughts be pure and peaceful. Do not allow any waste to come at all. Also pay attention that no one has any waste thoughts because of me. 

67)   I have to stay in good company and serve with an honest heart. This imperishable sacrificial fire has continued with the help of truth from the beginning and will continue to do so till the end. I should simply make my nature that of honesty and loveful with humility, and sweetness and I will become Sukhdev (deity of happiness). 

68)   In order to be a true yogi, do not allow yourself to be in tension for even one minute. Do not have any tension of service or of having yoga and only then will you be able to remain content. Seeing someone as a good effort-maker, do not even the slightest trace of any jealousy and there should be no feelings of envy. These are the subtle obstructions in becoming an angel and so I have to overcome them and continue to move forward. 

69)   There is benefit for everyone in our ascending stage. I have to make sure I do not stop anywhere and start looking at these. Never forget the aim to keep yourself safe, honest, truthful. Save yourself from seeing and hearing about other things and only then will you remain safe, otherwise, there will be a few drops falling onto you. 

70)   Baba says: Stop and fly. How can I fly? Whatever situations arise, simply stop and then fly. Those who put a full stop are able to come into the flying stage and those who put a question mark end up in the queue. 

71)   In order to pass with honors, simply use your time and thoughts in a worthwhile way. Time is saying: Do whatever you want to do, now. Do not leave it till tomorrow. Secondly, Do not think, please. Your mind has to be set, your intellect has to be still and your stage has to be unshakeable and immovable. It is not my honor to come into any type of fluctuation. 

72)   An intense effort-maker never moves forward by pushing others, but they all move together. They do service according to Baba’s directions. Serve the self first. Even if someone is not well physically or in their mind, put them right instantly. This is also service. In service, I have to remain happy and also please everyone. 

73)   Even now, there are some limitations in the subtle sanskars of many. They also have ego and it is necessary to have realization of that. If there isn’t subtle checking taking place, then they compete with one another and continue to increase their service and throw out others. This causes a lot of damage. Now, each one needs practical proof through which they can be inspired. 

74)   In order to remain ever-ready, I first of all have to remain constantly alert so that Maya never pulls me to herself and laziness never attacks me. Secondly, I have to remain accurate. I should not waste anyone’s time. Thirdly, I have to be an all-rounder. Let me be present in whatever type of service there is, and then let me be ever-ready. 

75)   Have the unshakeable faith that whatever scenes of the Drama are being enacted are filled with benefit. The confluence age is benevolent and Baba is the Benefactor. There is benefit in whatever Baba is making us do. There shouldn’t be the slightest mixture of your own dictates or the dictates of others with Shrimat.

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  1. Mangay nathan says:

    1stly my humble thanks to My Baba and My Divine Family for providing such a treasure to me to move ahead as a child of the Supreme.
    U am very happy to receive a golden chance to remain in Baba’s company. Thanks to all multi millions time.😀🌹🌹🌹🙏👍

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