Ruhani Shama – The Spiritual Flame

Baba is the ignited lamp who awakens everyone in the world. His part is wonderful. Only a few of you children know Him.

Children, you know that the light of the souls have been extinguished. Baba has now come to re-ignite your lamp. You lamps have become the dimmest. Baba comes especially for you. The Supreme Father who purifies all the human beings of the world has come to ignite everyone’s lamp.

Baba is the Master of all the dipaks, the One who illuminates and brings light to the world.

Baba is a lamp that is constantly lit. He constantly does service.

At the festival of Diwali, they have a flame lit in every place and clean throughout the house. There is also invocation… They invoke Lakshmi and you invoke the Creator of Lakshmi. So sit and ignite the flame and Baba will come.

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