Yogeshwar – The Lord of Yoga

Baba gives you the Great Mantra of Manmanabhav.

He shows you how, with the power of yoga, you can become satopradhan from tamopradhan.

 Baba says constantly: Stay in remembrance!

It is God (Ishwar) who teaches you yoga and this is why He is called Yogeshwar. He doesn’t have to have yoga. He is the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, the One who teaches you yoga. Each of you becomes a yogeshwar or yogeshwari.  It is God who teaches you yoga. He Himself doesn’t study it but He teaches it. The soul of Krishna studies yoga in his final birth and then becomes Shri Krishna. People also call Krishna, ‘Yogeshwar’, because his soul studies it at this time. That soul studies yoga with Yogeshwar and claims the status of Krishna. He has been named Brahma by the Father. 

Baba has no other business than remembering you. 

BapDada remembers you children more than you remember Him. BapDada turns the beads of the rosary of you children every day. Even though you sometimes miss remembrance, BapDada will never miss remembering you. 

Children, I am teaching you this easy knowledge and easy yoga. I inspire you to have yoga. I have been called the One who inspires yoga, the One who fills the apron, the One who removes all sickness… They say: You are the One who ignites our light through yoga. 

BapDada wishes to see the sparkle of an easy yogi life on the face of each child. It should be visible in each child. 

Baba remembers you for just as long and with just as much love as the love you have and for the time you spend in His remembrance. 

God Shiva says: Everyone is very weak in remembrance…Baba is the Lord of Yoga, He is the One who teaches remembrance. In fact, God cannot be Yogeshwar as they say. It is you who are yogeshwar. God, the Father, says: Remember Me. It is God, the Father, who teaches you remembrance…Some of you are very weak in yoga, you have absolutely no remembrance! Therefore, there will be punishment experienced for all the sins that have been committed through many births… It is you children who have to stay in remembrance of Baba. He doesn’t have to remember anyone. 

No matter how, you must definitely remember the Father. Baba doesn’t have any mercy in this.

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