Dharma Rakshak, Daya Ka sagar – The Merciful One and the Lord of Righteousness – Part III

Because of hiding one thing from the Father, you have accumulated a hundered fold burden on yourself; you make many mistakes because of one mistake and because of disobeying one maryada, you disobey many maryadas. If you haven’t lightened yourself from the accumulation of the burden of so many hundred thousand fold, how can you move forward in the stage of ascent? In the world outside also, what title is given to someone who conceals something? Anyone who conceals even a little thing would be placed in the list of thieves, would he not?

Because you consider Baba to be the Lord of the innocent ones you think that something can remain concealed or that it doesn’t matter. Although in the form of the Father, He is the Lord of the Innocent Ones, nonetheless, in order to enable you to settle your accounts, He is also lawful. There are many Godly disciplines and Maryadas and you are also aware of how many you have disobeyed throughout the day. Baba has given you this time of this life of having died alive for world service. All powers have been given to you for the self and for the benefit of the world; the mind has been given to you to have pure thoughts and that the body has been given to you for doing the service of the world. Therefore, are the body, mind and wealth you have given to Baba yours? Whatever you have given to the Father now belongs to the Father, does it not?… If you use a Godly gift, that is, something that given to you by God for world service, in a wasteful way, would you not accumulate a burden?… BapDada also has the mercy to make everyone complete and perfect now. However, even the Creator is bound by the bondage of maryada and Godly disciplines. Even Baba cannot disobey the maryadas. Baba has to observe the principles of: whoever does something receives the return of it. Yes, there is scope for Him to give a hundred- fold return of one. By maintaining your courage, He can help, but He cannot do anything else.

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