Dharma Rakshak, Daya Ka sagar – The Merciful One and the Lord of Righteousness – Part II

Constantly stay in the company and be Baba’s companions and as for service, “Baba is the One who makes me work and I am an instrument who works.” It is just as necessary to recognize the time as it is to recognize the self and the Father…Before BapDada sits and tells you the result, you should understand your result yourself. 

Because some children think that Baba is the Innocent Lord, they treat Baba as though He was innocent. Baba is the Innocent Lord, but He is also the Great Death. He doesn’t show this form in front of the children; otherwise they wouldn’t even be able to stand in front of Baba. Therefore, even though Baba knows, He becomes the Innocent Lord. He even becomes ignorant. For what reason? To make the children complete. 

Have the Faith, Awareness and Power that you have belonged to Baba many times and that you have been a conqueror of Maya many times and so, why should it be difficult to become this now? Do you not have the clear awareness that you, the elevated soul have played the part of being victorious many times? The experience will be that the physical costume is ready and is visible in front of you and that in a short time you will just have to put it on. You will very clearly see the new satopradhan body that is complete with all virtues… whilst walking and moving around, you will experience the happiness and intoxication that tomorrow you will leave your old body and adopt the new one… If you do not have this clear awareness, it proves that you have not made yourself clear to the Father. Because you have concealed yourself from the Father due to some reason, the evil spirit of fear remains concealed within you. Because of the lack of faith that “Whatever I am, whoever I am, I belong to the Father”, you do not have the faith that you have become this many times. So, first of all, check whether you have made yourself clear to the Father. Or do you just please yourself and the Father by thinking that Baba is Janijananhar anyway and that He knows everything? Is Baba not aware of the fact that He knows? You become the teachers of the Teacher of the World!…

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