Karankaraavanhar – The One Who Acts and Works Through Others- Part I

Only Baba makes Bharat constantly happy and peaceful and then hides away. He does everything and then He hides away.

Baba is Karankaraavanhar. He is incorporeal and without ego.

Baba, the supreme Father, The Supreme Soul, is called Karankaraavanhar. He performs actions to teach others. He is called the Incorporeal and Egoless One. He teaches this virtue to you. He is the Ocean of Knowledge so He must give knowledge. He is the Purifier, so He comes to teach you to become pure.

People say that God gives inspirations. There is no question of inspirations here. He Himself says: I have to take the support of a body. How could I give you the teachings without a mouth? Are teachings ever given through inspirations? God doesn’t do anything through inspirations. Study cannot take place through inspirations.

The Father says: I come at this time and carry out establishment; I inspire it to be carried out. I am Karankaraavanhar. Giving inspiration is not called doing it yourself. Baba comes and carries it out through the physical senses of this one. There is no question of inspiration in this. Karankaraavanhar would definitely enable you to do something personally face to face. Nothing is achieved through inspiration. A soul cannot do anything without a body.

Baba is in front of you only when He takes a body… The term ‘the One who inspires’ is wrong. For instance, someone may say, “Today, I don’t feel inspired to go out.” It means that he doesn’t feel like going out. There is no other meaning of inspiration.  The Supreme Soul neither works by giving inspiration, nor can knowledge be received through inspiration. He is Karankaraavanhar. He will work through the children. He cannot do anything without a body.

He is called egoless. “I do this, I do that” You should not have such ego.

Nothing is in the hands of human beings. Whatever happens happens through the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. It is the task of the Father to give peace and happiness to human beings. You should praise only the One Father. There is no praise for anyone else.

There are many souls and each one has his own part. Leaves shake according to the Drama. It isn’t that God makes every leaf shake.

When a leaf shakes, that is the Drama that is passing. It isn’t that every leaf moves according to the directions of God. No, all of this is fixed in the Drama.

Baba’s directions are: Let every thought come from Baba so that there is equality with Baba in each one. Let every word be equal to Baba, let every action be equal to Baba. In other words, let all thoughts progress only on the basis of Shrimat. At the present moment, all of you Leaves are being moved continuously by Baba’s Shrimat. Any thoughts other than Shrimat is wasteful… Baba’s Shrimat is making all of you Leaves move, that is, you are fluttering according to Shrimat.

When it is the Father’s task to move you then why does it seem so difficult? When Baba has taken the total burden, why is it that you are not flying constantly? Be so light that every thought moves only when Baba makes it. The promise of each one is that we will move only as you make us move and Baba’s guarantee is that “ I will make you move”…

What is the order and task that Baba has given to the intellect? The place to seat the intellect is with Baba and the task is world service. The promise which has been made is that intellect and body together will sit only where He makes you sit, will eat that alone which He gives. This is the promise that has been made. Baba has said it and so it must be done! Do not take the burden on yourself. Be light from the burden of the thoughts, “How can it be done?”, “how will I be able to move?” These thoughts will not allow you to reach the highest stage of consciousness.

Only by following Shrimat can you become light, but because there is a mixture, there is heaviness. So do not mix anything into Shrimat. Simply ensure that the Power of your Thoughts, the Power of the Mind and Intellect, are free from the dictates of the self. The mind has a strong habit of moving by itself. You try to stabilize it, yet it moves and there is labor. You hand over the reins of the intellect, but then again, you take them back. This is why the mind is given wasteful labor. When Baba sees the labor of the children, He feels pity.

Baba says, let every soul sit comfortably on the Throne (Bodiless) with Baba. Sitting on the Throne you can then order the physical and subtle powers, that is, the physical senses together with the mind and the intellect. The Subtle Powers can be ordered to move accurately. If you are seated on the Throne then your orders will be obeyed, but if you leave the Throne and then try to give orders, the senses will not obey and you become the servants of those sense organs which should be your servants. This is why there is then labor. Baba wants you to sit with Him on the Throne.

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