VARDATA – The Bestower of Blessings- Part II

The blessings of BapDada’s heart are in every step of the obedient children.

The hand of Baba, the Bestower of Blessings, is constantly over you, the Brahmin children. The elevated directions are the hand. It will not be a physical hand that is placed. How can it be placed for twenty four hours? This hand of Baba’s elevated directions is constantly over you children. From the early morning hours till the time you go to sleep, the hand of the elevated directions is given for every breath, every thought and every action. Continue to move with the method of this blessing and you will not have to labor.

You receive blessings from the Father through the balance of remembrance and service.

Those with an honest heart place the news of the heart in front of the Father and the Lord is pleased with an honest heart. If the Father is pleased, then with the Father’s help the child very easily becomes the conqueror of Maya. And so, whatever has been given to the Father in news, either in a letter or in a heart to heart conversation, when it has been put in front of the Father it has been given in thought. When something has been given it no longer belongs to the self, it belongs to the person it has been given to. If there is a thought of weakness and it is placed in front of the Father, then that weakness no longer belongs to you, you have passed it over. You have been liberated from that weakness.

By making effort now, each of you children gives yourself the tilak of self sovereignty. There is no question of mercy or special blessing in this. You have to give yourself a tilak of sovereignty. Baba doesn’t give you this.

I come here to teach you. It isn’t that you have to ask for blessings or mercy. I am the Teacher. Why do you ask for blessings or mercy? You have been receiving blessings for many births. Now come and become the masters of the property of the Mother and the Father. What other blessing could you receive? As soon as the child is born, he becomes the master of his father’s property. Would you ask your physical father to have mercy? Here, there is no question of mercy.

Sometimes when the Father gives titles some children think they have already become so: “I am in this stage” and in this way, they forget to make future effort. This is called misuse of the blessings, because BapDada gives blessings and instead of using it for service, they use it for the self. To make efforts according to their blessings and to use them for service is the right use of blessings.

To be constantly in the remembrance of the Father is to receive the greatest blessing from the Father.

With your enthusiasm… That which was not even in your thought will take place easily in the corporeal form. This is the blessing with guarantee from BapDada to the true servers.

The child receives blessings from the Father at every step. Baba’s blessings are not just spoken through the lips, they come from the heart also.

Baba will be clearly revealed but, together with Baba, there will aslo be the revelation of those special gods and goddesses. Let there be the intoxication that we, elevated souls, are being invoked (by the bhagats). And now, through Baba, give those souls the return of their remembrance. It will be from Baba that they will receive, but you will be the instruments responsible for that.

Baba is the backbone. It is you shakti who have to play the part of a bestower of blessings, a great donor and a benefactor. Baba is just the backbone.

BapDada feels mercy for the children. Why is it that they take only half when the whole is offered? You are the children of the Bestower of Blessings.

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