Karankaraavanhar – The One Who Acts and Works Through Others- Part II

Whatever action He inspires will be good. He gives instructions for actions to be performed.

Baba has given directions that action must be performed. You are free but there should be the feeling that it is the Lord and Master who is inspiring us to move. You are moving, but only through His inspiration. But what happens is that you yourselves emerge a net of waste thoughts. “This is the settling of my karmic accounts”, “This is the bondage of sanskars”, “This is the bondage of being part of a group.” Having spread this net you become entangled in it and then call out, “Now, free me!” Baba replies, “You are already free. Let go of the net and you will find yourself liberated.”…The body has already been renounced; there has been the living death. The body remains now only for the service of the world.

When it is rightly Baba’s responsibility to move you, why is it that you take this burden upon yourself? Even though you are not able to fulfill this responsibility still you are not prepared to renounce it. So now, renounce this responsibility, that is renounce the consciousness of ‘my’. “My effort, my invention, my service, my touching, my virtues are very good, my power of discrimination is very good, my understanding is accurate whilst everyone else has been misled!” From where have all this ‘my’ and ‘mine’ come? This is royal Maya! Become the conquerors of Maya in this way and in one second you will be able to become the conquerors of matter. Then you will be able to utilize matter without coming into this bondage. It is not ‘my’ service but rather, Baba has given the opportunity to serve… I am a trustee liberated from bondage. There should be no interference in that which has been given in trust.

Baba says: you should have no attachment to anything. Do not consider anything to be yours. Baba creates clever ways for you to finish attachment. You have to ask Baba at every step.

It is good to be dependent. You and the entire world are dependent on Shiv Baba.

Only when you surrender yourself completely can you remain soul conscious. Baba, all of this belongs to You. Even I belong to You. It is as though this body doesn’t belong to me and I now renounce it. Baba says: Belong to Me and break your attachment to everyone else… I am just a trustee. I will not do anything without Your orders.

Baba is the One who inspires others to act and has everything accomplished through others. He enables everything to be done through you. So there is benefit for you.

Karaavanhar is doing everything. However, He makes the children into instruments who are karanhar. Both the Father and the children are combined in the term ‘Karankaraavanhar’. It is the children’s hands that are used and the Father’s work that is done. Only you children have received the golden chance of extending your hand of co-operation… You experience that the One who is doing everything is getting it done, He is making you move as instruments. BapDada, Karankaraavanhar, is constantly the children’s companion in every action.

Baba is Karankaraavanhar, the One who works through others. He is the One who has been touching the intellects and has been carrying out world service and He will continue to do this. But the reason that the children are made to the instruments responsible is that then there is the opportunity to do something, because then there is the return of receiving for whatever has been done.  And it is the children who have to receive; it isn’t the Father who will receive. To claim the reward and to claim the fruit of service is for human souls. And so, He makes the children the instruments responsible. The One who is working is the One who is working through many and so what are you doing? You are dancing, like puppets on a string. What is service? It is a dance!

The One who is working is doing it all. You become the instrument responsible and for every step you take you are earning multi-million fold fortune. And so who is carrying the burden? The One who is doing it or the ones who are there on the external level? The Father understands that this burden isn’t a burden. For the Father, it is nothing at all. But you use the word burden and so the Father uses the word burden. For the Father, it is done already. Just as a line is drawn, does it seem difficult to draw a straight line? It feels just something little, doesn’t it? And so BapDada is carrying out service and service is as easy as drawing a line. You are simply repeating something.

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