Karankaraavanhar – The One Who Acts and Works Through Others- Part III

If a child puts a thought in front of Baba for help in service with an open heart, there is nothing wrong in this. In return for this, BapDada gives special help at the time of service… No matter how difficult that service is, surrender it to Baba with your intellect. Why do you forget that it is the responsibility of Baba who is Karankaraavanhar and take it upon yourself?… It is Baba’s service and Baba will definitely do it. So Keep Baba in the front, do not keep yourself in the front. ‘I did so much’. Where does the ‘I’ come from?… This word, ‘I’, that you bring in between takes success further away. You are loved by BapDada. BapDada has taken the responsibility for all the children for all the time. Just do not take the responsibility upon yourself and even by mistake, then you will see that success is at your feet.

The Father who works through others has made you the instruments. He is working through you and so, you become the detached observer.

Baba says to the constantly loving, long lost and now found children: Whatever actions you perform, whatever duty you fulfill, whether it is lokik or alokik, always have the experience that Karaavanhar (the One who makes you do it) is enabling you to do it…Baba in the form of Karaavanhar is with you at the time of performing karma. “I am a child and Baba is the Master.” When you become a master, there is a burden. Become a child and do it. Do it according to the directions of the Master…Baba becomes responsible for each action…the karma will then be elevated and the fruit of elevated karma is constant happiness and constant lightness. You will have the experience of the angelic life…God is making you do everything.  And since there is the relationship with Baba, Karaavanhar, there can never be the arrogance of ‘I’ in the consciousness of being an instrument.

Baba is the Karaavanhar and I, the soul, am not so-and-so, but I, the soul, am karanhar (the one who does). The One who inspires is inspiring you to do service and you are just an instrument, the one who is doing.  So you will have the responsibility, but less tiredness. Instead of your head becoming heavy, Karaavanhar Baba will give you a very good massage and your head will become even fresher. When energy comes to the soul, it automatically influences the body…You need to have the awareness of karavanhar in a double way. One is that Baba is Karaavanhar and that secondly, I, the soul, am the one who performs actions through these physical organs. Through this, whilst performing action, you will not be influenced, either in a good or bad way. This is known as the karmateet stage.

Whenever you have the thought, the Father becomes present. When you leave all the tasks to the Father, He knows His task… The Father has promised that He will constantly continue to fulfill the responsibility of constant company. Leave everything to the Father. Whether service will increase or not, the Father knows! If it doesn’t increase, the Father is responsible, not you! Remain carefree to this extent! Don’t think!

Service will never remain undone. If not today, then tomorrow it has to happen. If with a true heart and love in the heart, service is done to whatever extent possible and you are doing that, BapDada will never complain and will never say: You did this much… but didn’t do this much. You will never hear a complaint, but rather you will receive congratulations… It has been said that the Lord is pleased with an honest heart and even if the task has been left unfulfilled by you, the Father will get it done in some way or another. Some soul or another will be touched and BapDada will be co-operative with you children.

This is the throne that the Immortal One takes. He also uses the throne of you children. He says: I enter this one’s body in order to benefit everyone. This is His part at this time.

Even though the murli is conducted through this one, always remember that it is Shiv Baba who is speaking. Baba knows when someone can be struck by the arrow and so He enters the one speaking. If you become confused whilst explaining to someone, Shiv Baba will also come. He will enter you and carry on explaining. You do not know that Shiv Baba has come and helped you. Instead, you think: “I have given a very good talk today.” Oho, but if today you have given a very good talk, why haven’t you given it yesterday? You do not know that it is Shiv Baba or Brahma who is speaking.

When I see that someone’s fortune is to open up, but that the one who is explaining does not have so much wisdom, I enter and do service.

You say that the Lord is pleased with one who has a true heart. It isn’t said that the Lord is pleased with one who has a clever head… Those with a true heart are able to please the true Lord. What is the reason for this? The head for some may not be good externally, but the head of one with the power of a true heart and with Baba’s special blessings is able to work accurately and significantly at the time of need. Due to blessings from Baba, according to the Drama, the head will receive a touching for the accurate action, words or thoughts, because that soul has pleased Baba, the One who is the Intellect of the Wise.

Just as when someone calls you by telephone the bell rings, in the same way, when children receive Baba’s directions through a message or through thoughts, the waves of happiness rise inside within the soul so that they have goose pimples of happiness.

He is incognito whereas you are visible.

When BapDada tours the world and sees the bhagats wandering and calling out, He feels mercy for them. Perhaps you say that BapDada should grant the bhagats a vision and fulfill their desire. Do you think like this? However, in the Drama, the name is of the children and the work is of the Father. Therefore, the children have to become instruments. Will the Father or the children become masters of the world? Will the subjects be yours or the Father’s? Just as the Father has revealed Himself to the children, in the same way, you special deities have to reveal yourselves to your bhagats.

Baba should be able to do whatever He wants through you.

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