’tis the time to be Meera….

सब राज़ी खुशी हैं? (“Is everyone happy?”) यह भी कोई पूछने की बात है? (“Is this even something to ask?”) Accha! बाबा याद हैं?

Do I have a reason to not be happy? To not be content? I know and have direct access to the Ocean of Love, the Ocean of Happiness and The Ocean of Bliss. I know the One that is Ever Pure and Ever Happy. I know God.

On the path of Bhakti, Meera is known for her passionate praise of Krishna. All she had was a vision of her beloved and she is said to have become a deewani (one that is crazy in love). I on the other hand know God as He really is. In fact, He came and introduced Himself to me and asked if I would make Him my companion! And yet, if I am not able to be constantly happy, something is amiss.

When you think about it, I am what I think or in other words, how I feel is dictated by the nature and quality of my thoughts. If I am thinking of something or someone I love or care about deeply, I will always have a smile on my face, a twinkle in my eye. I will feel light and happy. But then, what in the world today qualifies to be thought about? What can make me truly happy? Baba reminds us that happiness comes from inside us. When I am seated firmly in my seat of self-esteem, in the awareness of who I am and my original qualities, I can only be happy and content. And the only one that can remind me of who I am – be a reference if you will and be the One to help me re-emerge those qualities that are buried deep down is God. And so He says, “Remember Me Alone” for then not only will I not perform any bad actions but I will also remember all things good and pure.

But I find that rather than think of Him alone, I also think about other matters – what someone said 10 years ago, for example. Right in the middle of a meeting with my Beloved, there comes a thought of “it’s unbelievable how horrible someone can be! I can’t believe he/she said that!” or I find myself taking sorrow from an old scar I refuse to let heal. Yes, no doubt, we the oldest souls on this earth have been through many a test, seen and faced many tragedies, dealt with and continue to deal with a variety of sanskars- our own and those of others. But at the end of the day, it is just a game, a play that repeats identically every 5000 years. I am just an actor in this play.

I had forgotten this about myself until He came and reminded me. And now I find myself in a unique time where I know the game, I know who I am and I know God. I have the diamond chance of creating what I want to and to the extent that I want to.  So then shouldn’t I be creating moments that I’d want to have repeated every 5000 years? Shouldn’t I be spending each moment with the One that I love, with the One that only gives me happiness? He says, you are just like me…allow me to show you what I see. Shouldn’t I be allowing Him to show me?

Meera faced many a tragedy in her lifetime – it is said that her mother who was the only one that supported her piety and devotion died at an early age. She was married away and her husband who was the only other that empathized with her and respected her died in a war – all this when she was only in her twenties. There were multiple attempts to poison her since then along with defamatory stories spread about her by her sister-in-law. And she simply smiled through it all, didn’t even bat an eyelid let alone dwell over what was going on- it just wasn’t worth her time. Instead she sang “mere tho giridhar gopal, dusro na koyi” (mine is one Krishna, no one else).

Baba often talks about “dying alive”. What does He really mean? Does He mean abandoning family and friends, my job, wearing white clothes and joining an ashram? No! He means abandoning my old sanskars – the ones that cause me to forget about the reality of the game and hold on to the past or to trivialities of the present; the ones that cause me to create traps for myself such as, “why is this happening to me?”, “this must be my bad karma..” etc.  Baba calls this Royal Maya! It’s the kind that creates the illusion that I’ve been trapped when in reality it is I that is holding on to those chains.  When I am under the influence of such sanskars, what is the quality of my thoughts, words and actions? Are they the kind that will make me happy? Or the kind that will allow me to spend time with my Beloved?

Meera sang about and was a practical example of someone that thought only of the One, ate in remembrance what He made available, mouthed only words that sang of His praise and of her love for Him, did only that which brought her and others closer to Him. Turns out, this is also what I promised Baba! He reminds us of that promise – “Baba, when you come, I will eat with you, sleep with you and do as you say” and His promise to me was “I will move you forward”. He can fulfill His promise only to the extent that I can fulfill mine. Only if I let go of the chains of attachment that tie me to this old world and to myself can I move forward based on His Shrimat. Else, His knowledge will simply not sit in my intellect.

It is said that Meera would sometimes in her ecstasy forget herself and sing and dance on the streets. In doing so, she is said to have travelled village to village singing about the One, of His praise. He was her world- no one else mattered or even existed. There was no mountain high enough or an ocean wide enough to keep her away from her Beloved. No wonder then when someone mentions the name “meera”, one cannot help but remember Krishna. There was no concept of her alone, she ceased to exist and simply became Him.

And that is being merged in remembrance where there is simply no scope for anything or anyone else to penetrate. There are not even thoughts of the Beloved but just an experience of supreme love and bliss. Tis the time to be Meera….

जो तुम तोड़ो पिया मैं ना ही तोडू
तोसो प्रीत तोड कृष्ण कौन संग जोडू

तुम भये तरुवर मैं भई पंखिया
तुम भये सरोवर मैं तेरी मंछिया

तुम भये गिरिवर मैं भई चारा
तुम भये चंदा मैं भई चकोरा

तुम भये मोती प्रभु हम भये धागा
तुम भये सोना हम भये सोहाग

मीरा कहे प्रभु ब्रिज के वासी
तुम मेरे ठाकुर मैं तेरी दासी

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  1. Pinky says:

    Enjoyed cnimog to this blog and seeing all the tributes. A grand gesture, I must say! Cheers!

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