Lagan Me Magan – Absorption in Love – Part I

Your heart automatically starts to sing songs of praise of the Father.

Time is now coming to a close. The Father is now ordering: Remember Me! Claim your full inheritance before death comes! Therefore, remember the Father with a lot of love. Baba, I have no one else, only You! Simply continue to remember the Father alone. He sits here and explains as easily as you would explain to little children. He doesn’t give you any difficulty… The Father says: I make you into the masters of the world. Therefore, love Me!

For whom is your love? For God, because you have to be dead to this world to go to Him. Have you ever loved anyone like this, or had the thought that you will die because of love? Would anyone then want to love?… You too have to shed your body when you come to the Father, that is, you shed your body in remembrance of the Father. If you have to die for the One whom you love, He become likes a great enemy. This is why people are afraid. God is so famous. When He comes, He destroys the whole of the old world.

Today BapDada was making a rosary of the most loving children, the rosary of love in the subtle region. All are loving, but yet it must still be said ‘numberwise’…In some children there were so many specialties that they were absolutely equal to Baba. Some children were also seen who were making effort to imbibe specialties. Seeing this effort, this labor, Baba felt mercy. “My children and yet laboring!” The greatest labor of all was seen in becoming bodiless. Bap and Dada spoke together: “The soul is bodiless. Why is there labor in becoming bodiless?” Brahma Baba said, “Having adopted costumes to play their parts for eighty four births, they have become bodily beings.”  Shiv Baba said: They have played their parts but what is the time now? According to the awareness of the time, correct action follows automatically. This is already their practice.” Baba said, “Now the part has finished. It is time to return home, the old body has to be renounced.” If you wish to go to heaven, to the kingdom, then, too, this old dress has to be renounced. If you want to go, then why should it be difficult to forget? Do you forget that you want to go home? All of you are ever ready waiting to go, or are there still ropes tying you down? Are you ever ready? BapDada has given this time period only for service. Is the old costume too tight?… To be free from bondage means to have a loose costume, not a tight one, so that as soon as the order is received, the soul goes in a second…Since the promise is “One Baba and none other”, the soul is liberated from all bondage, is it not?…

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