Lagan Me Magan – Absorption in Love – Part II

In order to become bodiless, pay attention to four things in particular. Firstly, if someone wants to forget themselves then, even in this world, they experience being lost in one true love. Love is the method for forgetting the world. It is also the method for forgetting the body. Secondly, the next method for forgetting the world is true friendship. If true friends meet together, then there is neither the awareness of the self nor of the time. Thirdly, there is the song of the heart. If someone is singing a song from their heart, at that time they have forgotten the self and also the limitation of time. The fourth aspect is the correct system. If an accurate system is followed, it is very easy to become bodiless. All of you have the experience of love. Baba and the self, no third being. If everything has been found in Baba, then what more is there to be achieved? Even today, devotees sing hymns in love of God, but they get lost only in the songs of love. So just consider how lost will be those who fulfill the responsibility of love. The intellect that was divorced without love has changed into an intellect full of love. Where there is love for God, what is it to become bodiless? It is like a game of a second to become bodiless when there is love. As soon as you say ‘Baba’ the body is forgotten. The word ‘Baba’ is the atomic bomb for forgetting the old world.

And what about the truest friendship of all, that which will accompany you even to the crematorium? The friends of the body will accompany you to the crematorium also, but they cannot remove your sorrow and bring you happiness! Perhaps at a time of great sorrow they can give you a little co-operation. They can co-operate but cannot remove your sorrow. Now you have found your true Friend. Constantly experience the company of this Eternal Friend and in that love, all labor will finish…

Constantly sing the song of praise for all the benefits that you have received from BapDada and all His virtues. There are so many songs of praise for Baba and for you and instruments automatically play these songs. The more you sing the songs of the praise of virtues, the more will the instruments of happiness automatically accompany this. Your instruments are different from musical instruments.  These are instruments of happiness. They can never be spoiled. Constantly remain singing and very easily you can become bodiless.

Now the system: The accurate system only takes one second. There is praise for Baba that He is the one who makes everything difficult easy. In the same way, children who are like Baba are those who change that which is difficult into that which is easy. So let everyone always experience being a natural yogi. For the Brahmins of Sangam Yug, there should not even be the thought, let alone the words emerging from their lips, that “This is labor” or “This is difficult!” Have mercy on yourself and become merciful to all others…Instead, however, there is the stage of ego, the consciousness of ‘I’ or the consciousness of doubts. Now become merciful and sit on the throne of the Heart.

Among you Brahmin souls, some remember with loving relationship from their heart, whereas others repeatedly try to experience a relationship through the head on the basis of knowledge. Where there is love from the heart and a relationship of deep love, that is, where there is a great closeness, it is difficult to forget. Where there is just relationship on the basis of knowledge and there isn’t unbreakable love from the heart, remembrance is sometimes easy and sometimes difficult. Just as there is blood in every vein of the body, it is merged, in the same way, remembrance is merged in the soul at every moment. This is known as constant remembrance with deep love from the heart. Such souls are those who are loving and equal to the Father.

Those who are lost in remembrance of One will be able to stabilize themselves in the stage of perfection.

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