Stay In Spiritual Intoxication And Become A Carefree Emperor – Part II

Transformation should be experienced in life. This is called putting it into the practical form.

At present, it is just in the intellect in the form of points, just in terms of thinking about it and speaking about it. However, when transformation is visible in your every action and relationship, that is called having alokik intoxication in the practical form. Now, put every type of intoxication into your life. Anyone who looks at your forehead should experience an attitude of spiritual intoxication through your forehead. Whether you speak about it or not, your attitude spreads into the atmosphere and in the vibrations. Your attitude should give others the experience of the vibrations of happiness in an atmosphere of happiness. This is called being stable in intoxication. In the same way, spiritual intoxication should be experienced in the corporeal form through your drishti, through the smile on your lips and through your words. Only then would you be called a victorious jewel with faith in the intellect who stays in intoxication. You mustn’t remain incognito in this. Some become clever in this and say that they are remaining incognito. There is a saying that no one can ever hide the sun, that no matter how thick the clouds may be, the sun will still give its light. Does the sun move or do the clouds move? Clouds come and go, but the sun remains stable in its form of light. Similarly, those who have this spiritual intoxication cannot hide their spiritual sparkle. The sparkle of their spiritual intoxication is definitely experienced in a visible form. Their vibrations automatically attract others.

The vibrations of those who stay in spiritual intoxication work like a canopy of protection for themselves and for others. So, what do you have to do now? Put this into the practical form. In terms of knowledge, you have become knowledgefull. However, by putting knowledge into your practical life, you will experience yourself to be successful and blissful as well as knowledge-full.

Out of these four types of intoxication, use any one of these four types of intoxication in different ways. The more you use this intoxication in your practical life, the more you will accordingly remain constantly free from concern and become a carefree emperor. Everyone will see you in the form of a carefree emperor.

So, now go into the detail of this and put it into practice. Where there is happiness, Maya cannot play her tricks. Maya cannot enter the empire of someone who is a carefree emperor. She comes and you then chase her away, and she comes again and you chase her away again. Sometimes Maya comes in the form of the body, sometimes in the form of bodily relations. This is called Maya sometimes coming as an elephant, sometimes as a cat, and sometimes as a mouse. Sometimes you chase the mouse away and sometimes you chase the cat away. Your time is spent just chasing her away. Therefore, always stay in spiritual intoxication.

First of all reveal yourself and then you will reveal the Father because the Father is to be revealed through you.

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