Stay In Spiritual Intoxication And Become A Carefree Emperor – Part I

In the most recent meeting, BapDada gave the children the blessing of being Carefree Emperors. Baba said that He has taken away concern (fikar) from all the children’s life and has given them intoxication (fakhur).

In one of His past elevated versions, Baba clarified that the two most important causes for obstacles (and thereby concern) in one’s life are the old world and the old sanskars. And even between the two, He said, the old sanskars are the bigger problem. To overcome this hurdle, Baba explained the importance of having faith in the intellect which translates into a life of intoxication. He clarified in essence, four types of intoxication and said that if we were to have even one of the four in our life, we would automatically dance in happiness. The more I use this intoxication in my practical life, the more I can remain constantly free from concerns and become a carefree emperor.


Spiritual intoxication is the mirror of faith.

Faith in the form of awareness isn’t just in the intellect, but it will be experienced in every action in the form of spiritual intoxication. It will be experienced in your practical form and others too experience it because this is a gyani and yogi life. It is not just for listening and speaking, but for making your life. Awareness – thoughts, words, actions and relationships – is all included in life. To have faith in the intellect means to have a life of intoxication. Every thought of a soul who has such spiritual intoxication would be filled with intoxication. The intoxication of faith would be experienced in all three: your thoughts, words and deeds. As is your intoxication, so the sparkle of happiness would be revealed on your face and in your behavior.

The proof of faith is intoxication and the proof of intoxication is happiness.

There is a lot of expansion of the different types of intoxication. However, in essence: The first type of intoxication is of the bodiless, soul conscious form. All of you are souls, but spiritual intoxication is experienced when you have in your awareness what type of soul you are. Go into the detail of this amongst yourselves or churn it by yourself.

The second form of intoxication is of the alokik confluence-aged life. In this life too, think about the detail of what type of life you have.

Third is the intoxication of the angelic stage. Also go into the detail of whom you would call an angel.

Fourth is the intoxication of the future.

Of these four types of alokik intoxication, even if you have one type of intoxication in your life, you will automatically continue to dance in happiness. If you have faith, but don’t have happiness, what is the reason for that? It is because you don’t have that intoxication. Intoxication easily makes you forget the old world and old sanskars. In this effort-making life, it is these two that especially become an obstacle -either the old world or old sanskars. Both bodily relations and possessions of the body are included in the world. Together with that, even more than the world, it is the old sanskars that become a greater problem. The world can be forgotten but sanskars cannot be forgotten. So the method to transform sanskars is to have one of the four types of intoxication in a practical form, not just in thought-form. By having this (intoxication) in the practical form, they (sanskars) will never become an obstacle. This is the reason why sanskars have still not changed. Because you have imbibed this intoxication in thought-form, that is, in your intellect in the form of knowledge, when any old sanskars emerge, you use this language: “I understand everything.” You even understand that you have to change. However, it doesn’t just have to be up to the level of understanding, but it has to be in actions, that is, it has to be in your practical life.

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