Antaryami- The One Who Knows Everything Within – Part I

Avyakt BapDada

Previously, Baba used to know of the external things only, now He knows of the things inside everyone also. In the avyakt stage, there is no need to know anything. Everyone’s stage is automatically visible within a second.

Each line of thought in the mind of you children is very clearly visible to BapDada at every second.

BapDada always listens to the language of each child’s thoughts, that is, He catches the thoughts.

Your thoughts reach BapDada even before they come into sound.

BapDada is listening to the heart to heart conversations of the children in three forms. Firstly the children are speaking the language of the eyes. Secondly there is the language of feelings. Thirdly they are speaking in the language of thoughts. The language of the lips is ordinary, but the language of the spiritual yogi life takes three forms.

BapDada has a more powerful TV than the ones in your world. You are only able to see the acts of the body. BapDada is able to see the mind.

Only BapDada has a camera for the thoughts in the mind. BapDada can see clearly what is going on in each one’s mind. Even now scientists are trying to invent a camera that can pick up someone’s line of thought within. Whilst they are trying to invent such things, they will be left out and you will make use of the facilities they have already created for you.

 BapDada has so many instruments that he is able to see all the children of this land and abroad at the same time. It is not necessary to see them separately. He can see everyone in 5 minutes. He looks for 5 minutes and He can know about everyone. He sings the song of the children’s wonders and together with that, He checks with the aim of making them equal to Himself.

BapDada looks at the chart of every child. Perhaps you are wondering whether BapDada looks at everyone’s chart or only at the chart of a few special children. No. Whether it is the child who comes last, or the child going fast BapDada from time to time sees the chart of all you children.

BapDada has a file of the promises each child has made. It is not that there are no cupboards or place to keep the files of your promises up there. BapDada sometimes suddenly switches on His alokik TV. He doesn’t keep it on all the time! He switches it on sometimes and is able to hear everything. He also listens to whatever you speak amongst yourselves.

BapDada sees and hears whatever is in everyone’s heart. No matter how much someone tries to hide it, BapDada doesn’t reveal it openly in public, but He knows everything and He sees everything. No matter how much someone says, “No, I never do this”, BapDada has a register of how many times you did something, what you did, at what time you did it and to how many you did it. Baba has a register of all of this. It is just that He sometimes has to remain quiet.

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