Vighan Vinashak – The Destroyer of Obstacles

Vighan Vinashak – The Destroyer of Obstacles

Baba is the One who gives the breath of life. He is the remover of obstacles.

If the Father’s love is in your consciousness, then what is a problem in front of the love of the Almighty Authority?

Where there is the company of the Father, the Almighty Authority, there is also the experience of all powers… Baba understands the problem and is responsible for it. With the right of relationships, the problem finishes. So you no longer have the thought: “What can I do?” Baba knows what to do; He knows about the problem. “I am the one who is detached and loved by Baba and so the whole burden belongs to Him.” Then you become light. When you yourself become light, everything else become light. Baba says: You don’t have to go through any great difficulty.

Some think that BapDada will remove their bondages/obstacles, or that they will be removed according to time. But you must not think in this way. You have to remove them with your own power… You have to have the power of the original stage of the self through which the circumstances can be changed. The Original stage of the self has so much power that it can overcome any kind of external situation.

You welcome Maya by keeping your mind and intellect free… Then you say, “BapDada, chase Maya away, chase her away!” you call her and BapDada has to chase her away! Why?

If you constantly remain cheerful, there will be no attraction of Maya. This is Baba’s guarantee. But that will only happen when you keep the soul constantly cheerful. Then it is Baba’s task to keep the attractions of Maya away from you. Baba is giving you this special guarantee.

Constantly stay in remembrance and you will be constantly free from obstacles.

All success is where the Father is.

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