Antaryami- The One Who Knows Everything Within – Part II

BapDada has the record of each child’s remembrance and service. BapDada has the record of all times. Just as in your world, there are many different types of facilities to keep records, BapDada has even more refined facilities than the facilities of Science; facilities that keep working automatically. Just as the facilities of science work on the basis of light, electricity, the subtle region is light itself. So, the equipment of the corporeal region based on electricity are still the facilities of matter. But the facilities of the subtle region are not the facilities of matter. Matter keeps changing its form. It changes from sato through to tamo. And now, at this moment of time, matter, nature, is tamoguni. And so these facilities operate today and tomorrow will not function. But the facilities of the subtle region are beyond matter and so they cannot be changed. Whenever you want, however you want, the subtle facilities can be used automatically. And it isn’t too difficult for BapDada to be able to see the record of all the children at all times. It becomes difficult for you to look after all your equipment, doesn’t it?

In BapDada’s region, Baba has each one’s little accumulated treasure store. At your service centers, you have your bhandaras, do you not? In Baba’s region, Baba has the treasure store of each child. What is there within that? Whatever has been accumulated by each one throughout the day in terms of all three powers, of thoughts, words and actions is stored there. That is the treasure store in which there is the full account of how much accumulation there has been… The accumulation of each one is individual… Many treasure stores are full, but it is more a question of being full with loose change.  That is what little children accumulate isn’t it? The treasure box is heavy but what is the result of that?

It is remembered that God has a thousand eyes, a hundred thousand eyes, a hundred thousand ears… No matter how much someone tries to hide from BapDada and they do hide things with royalty, not in an ordinary way, the Incorporeal One and Avyakt Brahma together are able to see everything. If BapDada wanted, He could reveal all of this to all of you, but you ask for your honor to be maintained. Therefore BapDada maintains your honor.

The activity and the cleverness of all the children are with BapDada. There is a result of everything. Don’t think that BapDada doesn’t have this. Many things of cleverness are also collected. Baba continues to gives chances. Baba thinks: Achcha, they are innocent. They are innocent of real understanding, they are not innocent otherwise. So don’t be innocent in this way.

Seeing the games that the brahmin children are playing, BapDada has mercy, but together with that, He also becomes the Supreme Justice who is very just, that is, He maintains the balance of love and law. On the one hand, Baba is merciful and as the Father allows you a little freedom, that is He forgives you once, twice, thrice. On the other hand, as the Supreme Justice, because He is the Benefactor, He tells you the Godly laws for your own benefit. What is the greatest eternal law of the Confluence Age? According to the Drama plan, the automatic law that continues is: A hundred-thousand-fold attainment or repentance and suffering for one-fold. Baba doesn’t have to say or do anything like the wordly systems, such as, “You have to accept this” or “This is your punishment for this particular action.” This Godly machinery is automatic, which none of the children can understand. Therefore, it is said that the secrets of karma are very deep.

All of you should think that BapDada is speaking to each one of you personally. Whilst in the gathering, BapDada is speaking to all personally. Baba is speaking privately in public.

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