Vishwa Sevadhari – The World Server – Part II

Baba’s duty is to give help.

Baba says: My duty is to make you children constantly happy.

Sometimes whilst working, you consider yourselves to be alone. You say, “What can I do? I am all alone! I have so much work to do!” You become tired. So, why don’t you want to make Baba your Companion? You want to make someone with two arms your companion. Why don’t you make the one with a thousand arms your Companion?

When you and the Father are constantly combines, this combined power is very great. Instead of only being able to do one thing, you become able to do a thousand things, because Baba, the One with a thousand arms is with you.

Baba says: when the children maintain courage, the Father gives help. Baba, we are doing this much and You have to help for the rest. It isn’t that you first have to ask for Baba’s help: first of all, the children have to have courage.

BapDada’s help is on the basis of courage and according to this blessing of the courage of the child and the help of the Father, all are moving forward through their effort numberwise. One step of courage by the children enables each child to receive multi-millions steps of help from the Father. Whether you call this BapDada’s help or an inheritance, it is given to all the children and due to this easy elevated attainment, the souls who have been weak for sixty three births become strong and are moving forward…Baba has also given you multi-million fold help by explaining that you sould were originally pure, you have become pure innumerable times before and will become pure innumerable times. It is not a new thing… By giving you such awareness, Baba made you powerful, that is, with Baba’s help the weak ones changed into the strong ones…So Baba transformed you through the help of the power of knowledge and through remembrance, through the help received with an experience of the power of your pure stage… The faith of this guarantee enables you to attain a right to multi-millionfold help from Baba…Baba’s help is the gift of the Bestower. The blessings of the Bestower are like the ocean…. If you do not use the method you remain divorced from the blessings… You forget this secret: That is the children have courage, God gives help. This also is an aspect of the deep philosophy of karma. If this method of having courage to receive help were not part of the law, everyone would become the first world emperor. Not everyone can sit on the throne at the same time. The law of being numberwise is because of this method…This is why this Godly law is created according to the Drama. This law is fixed simply for the sake of one step of courage bringing multi-million steps of help. When you have courage, you can take as much help as you want. It is not given sparingly.

If a child has been co-operative for a long period of time and has passed in the main subject of one Baba and none other, they will receive special co-operation from the Father at a moment of need… Even if their efforts seemed to be less, with Baba’s help in the final moments, they receive extra marks and so are able to pass with honor.

Baba would not be happy if He was not doing service.

Baba never rests. He is always on service. The one love of Brahma Baba is love for service. He is filled with enthusiasm when it comes to making the children similar to himself.

He has been carrying out the duty of service for so long. Does He ever become lazy? Does He ever make excuses such as, “Today I have a headache”, or “I wasn’t able to sleep last night”… Just as Baba becomes a tireless Server and does service, in the same way, the children should also be tireless servers like the Father.

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