Vishwa Sevadhari – The World Server – Part III

Baba also becomes pleased with those who serve well.

The Father comes and teaches you to do spiritual service. No one else knows how to do spiritual service. Only the Father serves the spirits.

Baba’s attention is drawn to spiritual service which benefits many, although there is benefit in every aspect of service… Only those who do service can be seated in Baba’s heart. The whole of Baba’s attention is drawn to serviceable children. Although Baba is sitting here conducting the murli, His intellect is drawn towards the serviceable children.

Baba inspires a lot of service to be carried out through you children. He even enters some children and does service. He has to do service. How can those who have responsibility sleep? Shiv Baba is the constantly ignited lamp. Baba says: I do service day and night. Baba is tireless. He is the ignited lamp who awakens everyone in the world. His part is wonderful.

Baba says: I do service in order to glorify the name of the children.

Baba has to come to serve you. Baba always serves you children with His wealth of knowledge and then He Himself goes into the stage of retirement.

BapDada continues to see the scenes of the children. What else does the Father have to do? He has made all of you into instruments for world service. So what task of the Father remains? The Father’s task is just to be the backbone. However, otherwise, he just meets the children. He looks at the children. He has a heart to heart conversation with the children and makes them move along. This is all He has left to do, is it not? All of you are concerned for the world and BapDada is only concerned for you. It is you children who will reveal the Father to the world. The Father will be revealed by the children.

The Father is the backbone. If Baba were not the backbone, you would become tired by yourself. Baba also has attachment. This is why He cannot bear to see the tiredness of the children.

You give Baba the duty of breaking karmic bondages that you have created; that is your creation! Its Baba’s duty simply to give you a yukti or to do it for you? Is He simply instrumental to show you or should He even do it for you? Mischievous children leave everything to their Father. People say: The child is not listening, you put him right! But Baba is giving you the method to put everything right. If you do it, you will receive the reward. You wish to leave everything to the Father because He is the World Servant. Therefore, pay great attention to putting into practice all the directions you receive and you will become free from all obstacles.

The line of your intellect must always be clear. There should be no disturbance in your line. The line should not be cut off. Otherwise, you become unable to receive the extra power, blessings and help that BapDada wants to give you at the time of need.

The task of world service will happen. Nobody will oppose that. Baba is instrument to give you the reward. The task cannot be shaken by those who shake. Every kalpa, victory is fixed… No harm will be done to Baba. You damage yourself…BapDada cannot bear the slightest defect in those whom He loves. BapDada constantly cooperates with the children at every step and will do so until the end. BapDada doesn’t dislike anyone.

Baba says: Use Me!

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