Shiv Bhagwan – The God of the Gita

You know the praise of the unlimited Father. He is the Ocean of Knowledge, the Purifier. He is the God of the Gita. He has His task performed with knowledge and the power of yoga. The power of yoga has so much impact.

The people of Bharat call out: Oh Resident of the far-away land, come because there is great defamation of religion and sorrow in Bharat. Come once again and give the message of the Gita.

Baba has explained that there is only one scripture, the Gita, in which there are the elevated versions spoken by God. Shrimat Bhagwad Gita means the elevated versions spoken by God. Only in that scripture are elevated versions spoken by God remembered. No other scripture has elevated versions spoken by God. Even the writer didn’t understand whose elevated versions they were.

There are so many Vedas and scriptures on the path of bhakti. However, only the Gita is of any use. God comes and teaches raja Yoga. Only those teachings are called the Gita.

Only the Gita is spoken by God.

You only receive your inheritance from the Father. Only Shiv Baba is the Creator of the Gita.

Shiv Baba first comes and relates the Gita, that is, He tells you the knowledge of the beginning, the middle and the end. Together with teaching you this, He also teaches yoga.

Gita is the scripture of the deities. There is knowledge in that only.

The words “I enter this one at the end of his many births, when he is in his stage of retirement” are real. Krishna can therefore not be called God.

The words ancient yoga are used, but no one understands who taught this ancient yoga. They say Krishna because it is Krishna’s names that has been mentioned in the Gita. You now understand that the Father taught you Raja Yoga through which you all reached the land of liberation and liberation-in-life. You also understand that it is in Bharat that Shiv Baba came. His birthday is celebrated but, because His name has vanished from the Gita, His praise has also vanished. They have forgotten the one Father from whom the whole world receives happiness and peace. This is called the play about just one mistake. The biggest mistake is that they don’t know the Father.

The Father gives you the knowledge of the Gita and makes you into kings. By listening to the Gita from others you have become poor.

In the Gita, they say: ‘God speaks and says: I am omnipresent’. How could I insult Myself by saying that I am in the dogs and cats?

Baba says: they defame Me so much!… You know what state you have reached by calling Baba omnipresent. By saying that he is present in the pebbles and stones, your intellects have turned into stone…It was by defaming Me that you became totally impure.

It says in the Gita: God speaks! However, no human beings can be God. Krishna too is a human being, but with divine virtues.

The God of the Gita also said five thousand years ago: Beloved children! If it were Krishna who says this, people of other religions wouldn’t hear it.

Baba comes and makes it clear that He and not Krishna is the Purifier. I taught you Raja Yoga and changed you from ordinary human beings into deities. There is praise of Me being the Image of Immortality, the One who doesn’t take birth. You cannot sing the praise of Krishna in this way. Krishna comes into rebirth.

Sri Krishna is a deity, a prince of heaven. How could he come here? It wasn’t Krishna who spoke the Gita. It is simply because he was a deity that everyone worships him.

Who is the God of the Gita? It is easy to remember Krishna because he is corporeal. The incorporeal Father says: Constantly remember Me alone.

Baba doesn’t recite that Gita. Baba now explains everything in the same way as He did in the previous age. All of those Vedas and scriptures etc., will be created later on.

Baba comes to awaken you from the graveyard. You won’t wake up by studying the scriptures…God Himself says: I have never spoken those scriptures. The knowledge I give is not in the scriptures.

Baba Himself is teaching us the knowledge of the Gita. It is not a matter of any scripture in this… The book Gita is not used here. You children know that it is not a bodily being who is teaching you. The Father teaches here. It is not as if he picks up any book in His hand!… I have not studied the scriptures, I don’t teach them to you either… Baba is definitely the knowledgeful One. I show you the essence of all the Vedas and scriptures.

The father is now relating the true Gita to you children. Your entire connection is with the Gita. In the Gita there is knowledge as well as yoga.

All of you sing songs in Baba’s love and BapDada also sings songs of love for the children. Every day Baba sings the greatest songs of love for the children. By listening to that song, the hearts of the beloved children dance with joy. You are listening to that song everyday and that is why the memorial of that song is also given great importance. The memorial of the song that is sung by God is the Gita. There are the memorials of both songs: The children sang Baba’s praise and that is the Bhagwad; and God sang the children’s praise and that is the Gita.

All the things mentioned in the Gita are now taking place in a practical way.

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