These are a Few of My Favorite Things…

  1. A child of the Almighty Authority can never fail in anything.
  2. To follow Shrimat means to bring spirituality into every action.
  3. There isn’t just one bead in the rosary. In a rosary, in the one thread of remembrance, the whole family is merged with love.
  4. You are the deity family in the future. But the Brahmin clan has greater importance. The more love and closeness you have to the Brahmin clan, the closer you will be in the divine kingdom.
  5. How is it possible to develop will-power? Will everything.
  6. Did Sakar Baba think about it? “How will it happen? What will happen?” If someone wills something after thinking about everything, he doesn’t receive as much fruit; the difference is like between sacrifice and instant sacrifice.
  7. If you make the Bodiless One your Partner, you will receive co-operation in becoming bodiless. If you receive less co-operation and success is not so visible then understand that you have not made the Bodiless One your Partner.
  8. Do you have the three aspects of being stable, immovable and tireless in your life? If even one of these three aspects is lacking, then understand that the line of the intellect is not clear.
  9. When the sun is fully risen, you are able to see everything very clearly and all the darkness and haziness finishes. In the same way, when you have an unbreakable relationship with the Almighty Authority, you can see everything within yourself very clearly. And if whilst you are walking along, the darkness or haziness of Maya comes to you in your effort, which hides the truth, it will be removed.
  10. Some children must be thinking that the love of all of them is greater than BapDada’s love. The love of some is greater, but there is not a majority of them. There is love but it is not unbroken and constant. The love of the children changes its form a great deal. The love of BapDada remains unbroken and constant.
  11. A victorious jewel means to attain perfection according to your own number. For the soul, that is the first stage of perfection within the whole drama. For instance, even the eighth emperor will be called a world emperor, but there will be a difference in the happiness in the world of the first emperor and the happiness in the world of the eighth world emperor.
  12. Success is not dependent on lectures but on your stage. Lectures means cleverness in the use of language, and there are many such people in the world. But you are the only ones who will give the experience of the power within the soul.
  13. When the line of effort is clear, as soon as you press the switch of thoughts, it happens practically also. You will simply need the power to control your thoughts.
  14. They will not be served through words. But when your activity is full of impact and they see that transformation, they will be drawn to you. Some have arrogance. So their arrogance of words will come into conflict with your words. But they will not be able to come into conflict with your practical life. And this is the instrument with which to explain to such people.
  15. Your first task is to consider yourself a soul and become detached from the awareness of the body. And to make others detached from the consciousness of their bodies.
  16. BapDada is giving blessings to the children at every second. However, those who take these blessings keep with themselves eternally only as much as they take.
  17. If you constantly stay in the combined form here, you will rule the kingdom in the combined form there.
  18. Never let Shiv Baba be separated from you. In the eighty-four births, out of your eighty four births, did you ever find such a partner? So you should keep the One you find only once in the whole Kalpa with you all the time, shouldn’t you? Now remember that you are a couple; you are not alone.
  19. The One for whom you have deep love is always kept with you. Always think, “I am an image that is combined.” If you Partner is with you, Maya will not come.
  20. Someone who has a desire to make more effort also receives help. Simply keep your desire determined and you will receive determined help.
  21. The stronger the foundation, the stronger the building will be. Therefore, always think that you are the foundation; the whole building is dependent on you.
  22. Always pay attention that when there is unity of thought, there will be one result everywhere.
  23. Just as you receive a salary for worldly service, in the same way, what is the salary you receive for doing Godly service? Your future is created anyway, but the present attainment is greater than that of the future. Now, you receive Godly supersensous joy.
  24. To keep the Deepak of happiness constantly ignited, you have to keep two things in your attention – the oils of knowledge and the light of yoga. If both of these are all right then the Deepak of happiness will remain eternal; it will never be extinguished.
  25. By constantly considering yourself to be one who has a right, you will be saved from becoming dependent on any form of Maya.
  26. Never be separated from the Bestower of Blessings. If the Bestower is with you, the blessings are also with you.
  27. Baba should be able to do whatever He wants through you. The more you children surrender yourselves to the Father, the more the Father also surrenders Himself to you. That is to say, the treasures of the Father automatically belong to those children.
  28. What is the sign of Faith? Victory. Someone with faith in the intellect is never defeated.
  29. The specialty of someone who makes intense effort is that his thoughts, words and actions, all three are equal. If your thoughts are elevated but actions weak, then you cannot be called an intense effort-maker.
  30. You have to become like the One you have love for. So to assimilate all the virtues of BapDada into the self is the responsibility of love. You have to assimilate into yourself the greatness of the Father. This is love.
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