The Connection Between ‘Shiv’ and ‘Shakti’

It is said of Shivratri that it was on this night that the Supreme Father Shiv destroyed the old world. Some also believe that it is on this night that Shiv with the help of the Shaktis embarked upon the task of establishment of the new world. But then the question rises that Shiv is incorporeal and is of the form of a point of light and so then how and through whom did He carry out establishment?

It is a widely accepted belief among Hindus that the incorporeal, Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul Shiv carries out the task of establishment of the new, pure deity world through the deity Brahma and the destruction of the old, impure world through the deity Shankar. He incarnates in the body of Brahma at the end of the Iron Age and through his mouth, pours forth the Ganges of Knowledge. This is why Shiv is also referred to as ‘Gangadhar’ (the One who wears the Ganges) or as ‘Sudhakar’, the One who Bestows the nectar of knowledge. The mothers and kumaris that bathe in this Ganges of Knowledge (inculcate the knowledge into their lives) or drink the nectar of knowledge thus bestowed by Lord Shiva through Prajapita Brahma become popular as ‘Shiv-Shaktis’ or ‘Saraswati’ or ‘Amba’ etc.

It is these living Gangas of Knowledge that then purify the minds of souls by relating the Knowledge of the Lord. Therefore Shiv is also known as ‘Narishwar’ and ‘Patit Pavan’ or ‘Papkateswar’ because He purifies the human souls by giving them the true knowledge through the Shaktis – the mothers and the kumaris, transforms them from vicious to virtuous and bestows the immortal blessing of liberation and liberation-in-life. Simultaneously, He also destroys the old, impure world through Shankar and as a consequence liberates each soul from their old, degraded, impure bodies and takes them with Him to the soul world, His home and also the home of the souls. This is why He is also referred to as ‘Mukteswar’ (liberator).

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