Waste Thoughts? Fix your Appointment diary!

In one of the Avyakt Murlis, Baba talks about how to curb waste thoughts by fixing your ‘appointment diary’…

Nowadays, whilst making effort to become complete, that is, perfect, and karmateet, everyone complains about the same thing, time and time again. They wish to become complete, but that complaint does not allow them to become complete. What complaint is that? That of waste thoughts.

Today, Baba is giving you a yukti to finish that. The pilgrimage of remembrance is the main thing, but there are different yuktis for that. Important people have an appointment diary for their every moment; their every hour is fixed. In the same way, you are also the most important of all. So every day at amrit vela, fix your appointment diary. If you keep your mind busy in the appointments at all times, then the waste thoughts will not take up any time in between. When you keep yourself free from an appointment, then the waste thoughts take up that time and so you must learn the method to check your time. You must make your own appointment for what you have to do throughout the day. Then your time will be used in a worthwhile way.

There are four things in which you have to appoint your mind:

  • ‘Milan’ (to meet),
  • ‘Vernan’ (to speak),
  • ‘Lagan’ (to have love),
  • ‘Magan’ (to be merged in love).

A lot of time is taken up in developing that love. You only stay in the stage of ‘magan’ (being merged in love) for a short time. Therefore, there are the stages of having love (lagan), being merged in love (magan), celebrating a meeting (Milan) and speaking (vernan). Speaking is service. Meeting is to have a heart to heart conversation with Baba.

If your appointments for the entire day are fixed every day, then the waste thoughts will not have any time in between to disturb you. Because important people are busy, they cannot give any time or attention to wasteful matters. In the same way, fix your time in a daily timetable. “I have to give this much time to this matter, and this much time for that matter.” By fixing your appointments in this way, you will be able to finish this complaint and you will become complete.

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