Akaalmurat – The Immortal Image

The true Satguru is Baba, the image of Immortality

The Satguru is called the Immortal Image. He comes and opens the gates to liberation and liberation-in-life. He is the Immortal Image. Death cannot come to Him. A soul is just a point. How could a soul experience death?

Baba comes and liberates you from sorrow. He neither takes birth nor does He die. The Father has come and then He will leave again. You wouldn’t say of Him that He has died, or that He left his body. People carry out the final rituals on the departure of a soul. No rituals are performed when this Father leaves because He doesn’t have a body. You can’t even tell when He comes.

The Father says: I do not say that it is the duty of you children to look after your old Father because I have looked after you; no. It is the law that when their father grows old, his children have to look after him. This Father never grows old. He is always young.

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