Parmeshwar – The Supreme

Baba says: I have received the most elevated role in the Drama.

Baba is the Supreme because He is the most knowledgeable.

Only the one God is said to be the Highest-on-High. He is the Resident of Paramdham.

This is the Highest-on-High Father. He is higher than all human beings and also higher than all souls. There is a soul in each one. You receive a body in order to play your part. Everyone else’s body is visible, but here, Shiv Baba doesn’t have His own hands or feet. On the path of Bhakti, temples are built and flowers are offered. However, I don’t have a body of my own. How could anyone touch the soul?

Baba says: I am the Highest-on-High. According to the Drama, I also have to uplift the sannyasis etc. No one knows Me at all. People worship Shiva, but they don’t know that He is the God of the Gita and He come here to give us knowledge. The name of Krishna has been inserted in the Gita. Oh! But you wouldn’t call Krishna the Purifier. I am called the Purifier. It is also only a few of you who are able to have so much regard. He remains so simple and explains: I am the Father of all sages etc. I am also the Father of every single soul. Everyone worships Me. I am now sitting personally in front of you.

Souls have been body conscious birth after birth. Therefore, they are unable to remember the Father. They continue to look at the body. If they became soul conscious, they would be able to remember that Father and follow His Shrimat. Baba says: Everyone is making effort to know Me. Baba is incognito. You cannot give Him anything… People worship Him, but they don’t have that recognition… The Father is the Highest-on-High. No human being could give us the knowledge that He gives.

When the Father comes here. He instantly elevates you.

Baba has come to give us the Highest-on-High status. This aspect is totally unique. He makes everyone into the most elevated beings. With Shrimat, he makes the whole world, including the elements elevated.

The Father comes and explains: I have to come at the most elevated Confluence Age when the whole world is to become most elevated. Until the Father comes, no one can become elevated from corrupt.

Baba has come to remind you of the awareness of self-respect.

The father Himself says: I Myself do not become the Master of the World. God says this. People call Me: God, the Highest on High, whereas I say: My children are the Highest on High. He proves this to you. He inspires you to make effort, according to the Drama, as He did in the previous cycle… The Father is only the Master of Brahmand, whereas you also become the maters of the world.

Baba is ever worship worthy. He never becomes a worshipper. His business is to make you worthy of worship from being worshippers.

BapDada constantly wants to see you children in your perfect form. Baba says: Remove these weaknesses otherwise you will defame My name uselessly.

Baba comes down from up above to do His work. ‘Above’ means an elevated stage. Even whilst doing ordinary work your stage should be above, that is high.

Baba is the Highest-on-High but the Poorest of the poor. He is incognito: He comes in peace and goes in peace. There is only pleasure in being incognito.

The Praise only belongs to the One.

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