Dilaram – The Comforter of Hearts – Part I

The Father is the One who wins everyone’s heart.

Baba wins everyone’s heart. He grants salvation to everyone… He even brings benefit to the elements.

Because BapDada is always the One with a big heart, an unlimited heart, He is able to claim the hearts of all and to be the Comforter of Hearts.

Baba knows the real heart of His real children.

BapDada knows the sweet melodious sounds of the songs of the hearts of all the long lost and now found, loving, co-operative and serviceable children.

The Father, the Comforter of hearts of all the children, comes amongst you children to give the response of the sounds of your hearts and sweet conversations of you all.

Baba loves the children who love from the heart. Love from the heart is the main thing for elevated attainment. Baba, the Comforter of Hearts, only likes love from the heart.

The children who conquer Baba’s heart automatically become conquerors of Maya and therefore the conquerors of the world…Those who conquer Baba’s heart throne are ones who remain constantly seated on the heart throne. In their hearts there is always Baba and in Baba’s heart there are always such victorious children. Such children who have conquered the heart don’t sing songs of anything else except Baba and service in every breath they take, in every second that passes. They constantly sing this one song, “My Baba and I belong to Baba.” This is described as the child who listens to Baba’s heart and has conquered the heart throne of Baba, the Comforter of Hearts.

When the head is compared to the heart, the head is gross and the heart is subtle.

BapDada, the lover of the heart, is hearing the songs of love from the hearts of the children in all four directions. BapDada is giving blessings in return for the love of the loving children, whether you are physically close, or close with your heart, even though you are physically far. May you always be fortunate. May you always be cheerful. May you always be healthy by eating the nourishment of happiness. May you always be full of the treasure of happiness.

Dilaram Baba, the Comforter of Hearts, constantly has the children who give comfort to others merged in His heart. In Baba’s heart, there is always the one thing of how much each one of the children becomes a special soul, a master of the world, how each one claims a right to the fortune of the kingdom of the world. Each child should become more elevated than the next, fully decorated and full of virtues and filled with power. Each one should become number one. The specialties of each soul should become more attractive than the next so that all the world is able to see this an sing their praise. Each one should appear for everyone in the world, a lighthouse, a might-house and sparklign star of the earth. The specialties and treasures accumulated by every elevated thought and elevated action of every star should be so unlimited that the special world of every star is visible. When everyone sees this they will forget their sorrow, experience happiness and become cheerful. When they see each one’s alokik world filled with all attainments, they sing songs of each one’s wonder.  This is what is in the heart of BapDada, the Comforter of Hearts.

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