Dilaram – The Comforter of Hearts – Part II

Those with an honest heart are seated on the heart throne of Baba, the Comforter of Hearts and children who are seated on the heart throne receive the throne of the kingdom.

The Comforter of Hearts is for those who have a true heart. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the ‘head of the world’ because Baba prefers those who have a heart. Baba, Himself, then gives you such an unlimited head that you are able to understand the Creator, the beginning, middle and end of the creation. BapDada chose you because of your heart. The number that is claimed is also on the basis of an honest and clean heart, not on the basis of service… The sound of the heart reaches the heart. The sound of the head reached the head.

The Lord is pleased with an honest heart….with realization, have an honest heart and put the mistake you have made in front of BapDada. You fill your heart with all the little things you collect. Then your heart is no longer empty and when your heart is not empty, where will the Comforter of Hearts sit?

If there is an influence of limits in your heart, the unlimited Father cannot stay within a limited heart. Baba is big and so you need a big heart.

You can’t leave the heart throne. You can’t be separated.

The Heart Throne is such a pure place that only the one who is pure constantly can sit on it eternally. Baba doesn’t send anyone away from the Throne of His Heart, but they themselves climb down from it. It is Baba’s wish that all of His children should be seated on the Throne eternally. But according to the operation of the laws of Karma, those children who are able to sit on the Throne eternally are the ones who constantly follow the Father. If there has been impurity or discipline have been broken even in thought, then instead of remaining seated on the Heart Throne, they step down.

Only when you have vast, unlimited intellect can you climb onto the Father’s heart-throne. It isn’t that those who can speak knowledge very well can climb onto the Father’s heart-throne. No! Baba says: You become able to climb onto the heart throne numberwise at the end, when you finish body consciousness according to the effort you make.

Baba’s specialty is to create hope in souls who have no hope.

Baba linked the heart that was broken into many pieces into one direction.

The Father gives help to those who are harmed.

The Father consoles everyone.

The Father gives you courage.

Baba is never disheartened with anyone.

When you write to Baba about your weaknesses and give them to Baba, Baba doesn’t give a reply just like that. Whatever weakness of yours you give to Baba, He fills you with power, happiness, zeal and enthusiasm in its place.

BapDada thinks that the children’s head should be massaged, seeing how busy they are. Make time and come to the subtle region and BapDada will give you a massage. That will also be alokik, it won’t be mundane, but it will make you fresh. Even one second of powerful remembrance makes mind and body fresh. Just come to the Father’s region and whatever is the thought you have, it will be fulfilled. Whether it is the tiredness of the body, tiredness of the head, or tiredness of the stage of consciousness, Baba has to remove all tiredness.

Baba repeatedly tells you children: Whenever you have any doubt in your heart due to which your happiness disappears, then tell Baba about it. To the extent to which you maintain courage, Baba gives that much help.

BapDada’s heart means the heart of creation.

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