Mahakaleshwar – The Death of all Deaths

The Father has to come here at the end.

He explains that this is your last birth, in which you die alive.

Shiv Baba inspires you to conquer death.

The One who is called the Great Death, the Death of all Deaths is enabling you to conquer death.

That Satguru is the Death of all Deaths. Baba says: I have come to liberate all of you from the claws of death. There is no death in the Golden Age. That land is called the land of immortality.

When the Purifier comes, it is as if they have invited the Death of all Deaths.

Baba says: You called out to me: I no longer want to live in this impure world. Take me to the pure world! Take me back with You! However, none of you understood the significance of this. When the Purifier comes, your body definitely has to die. Only then can He take you souls with Him. Therefore your intellect should have so much love for such a Father! There should be love for just the One!

You called to God to come and destroy everything. You invited Him to come into this impure world. You asked Him to create a new world and to destroy everything else. I don’t do this; it is fixed in the Drama. There is bloodshed without cause. There is no question of saving anyone from this. You asked Him to create a new world and so definitely all the souls who are impure will have to go somewhere.

You call out: Baba, come and make us pure from impure. Baba says: I definitely have to have this old world destroyed. The new world is the Golden Age. I take everyone back to the world of liberation. Everyone is invoking death. They do not realize that they are invoking the Great Death. Baba says: it is also predestined in the Drama for Me to take all souls from this dirty world to the world of peace. This is a good thing, is it not?

The Father says: I am the Death of all Deaths. I am such an elevated death.

Baba has come and this world is to become a graveyard.

Baba is the Death of all Deaths. That death only takes one person away, whereas I am the Great Death. This Death takes everyone.

I Myself have come to take you back home. Has Baba come to kill you? No! You have to shed your old body. You souls have to become satopradhan from tamopradhan. This is an old world and old body. The Father says: I will take everyone with Me. I will not leave anyone behind.

Only when the pyre has stopped burning do people return from the cremation ground. Baba has come for destruction. He won’t return halfway. Baba will return when the fire has fully burnt. What would He do here afterwards? The fire will not be extinguished. Everyone will return. Baba will take everyone back with Him. You say, “purify us and take away from this world of sorrow to the land of peace, take us home.” Therefore you are saying something auspicious.  You say to God, “come!” This means that you are saying, “come and destroy the impure ones and create pure ones.” You ask Him to come and establish peace in the world.

They make plans for world peace. Baba comes and finishes everyone’s plans.

The Father says: I have come once again to establish the one religion and have all the other religions destroyed… There is so much chaos here caused by all the innumerable religions. The Father says: I destroy all of them.

The Father explains: This is now your last birth. The land of death is to end and, after that, there won’t be any vicious people.

Baba is the Death of all Deaths. If you don’t obey Him, you will experience punishment from Dharamraj.

At the moment the role of the one who shows the mirror and reveals the account is still incognito, but His role will be visible later. Therefore, Baba still feels mercy. “OK, give them one more year, they are still the children.” If Baba wishes, what can He not do? Baba can announce each thing about everyone. Because some children think that Baba is the innocent Lord, they treat Baba as though He was innocent. Baba is the Innocent Lord but He is also the Great Death. He doesn’t show this form in front of the children, otherwise they wouldn’t even be able to stand in front of Baba. Therefore, even though Baba knows, He becomes the Innocent Lord. He even becomes ignorant. For what reason? To make the children complete.

Baba says: It is very easy to beat the drums of completion. He can beat them whenever He wants, but at least 900 000 people should be prepared for the beginning of the Golden Age.

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